AMLO then went up against Lloret de Mola; said this

A new round of confrontation began between President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and journalist Carlos Lloret de Mola.

A new round of conflict between the President has begun Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and journalists Carlos Lloret de Mola,

It was all because Carlos Lloret de Mola presented this Wednesday, in Latin, the second part of the report “El Clan” about the influence of Gonzalo “Bobby” López Beltrán, son of López Obrador.,

Columnist of Reporter This Wednesday he writes a column called “Bobby and his father the President”, in which he explains “How corruption works within the factory: Fueled by the president’s children and nurtured by his closest friends”,

AMLO launches himself again against Lloret

When asked about the report presented by Lloret de Mola, President López Obrador attacked the journalist.

In its morning conference This Wednesday, January 10, at the National Palace, López Obrador calls journalist “corrupt” and once again challenges him to change stuff,

“He has a lot of money, nothing more than he tells me today; his readers deserve it too because there are still so many people who believe him, nothing more than he tells me today, he Nothing more than how much one earns, because “I’m sure he earns more than a million pesos per month as a journalist.”,

“If what ministers earn seems too much to us, 700 thousand pesos per month, imagine a million per month”Lopez Obrador said.

Lloret responded to AMLO

“Once again, he did not deny a single line of the report regarding the influence of his son Gonzalo ‘Bobby’ López Beltrán. Pure insult against me”The columnist responded to President López Obrador.

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