AMLO: Why is Jolette a trend and what is her relationship with López Obrador?

Since last Sunday night, the name of Jolette It became a trend in social networks because many users began to mock the result of the expected referendum to revoke the mandate of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

Some tweeters took with humor the little participation that there was in the revocation of the mandate, where the Mexicans were called to vote if they wanted AMLO to remain in the presidency, instead, they remembered that Jolette obtained many more votes while participating in The Academy.

This comparison was accompanied by endless memes, recalling the controversial step that Jolette experienced in the reality show and show, and AMLO’s consultation yesterday, Sunday.

According to preliminary results from the INE, in the referendum to revoke AMLO’s mandate, a turnout of between 17% and 18.2% of the voters was registered, a little over 15 million votes, a figure very far from the 40% necessary for the consultation was binding.

During the “morning” today, AMLO said that due to the “Traps and the boycott of the INE” he only obtained 15 million votes in the referendum to revoke his mandate yesterday, Sunday.



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