Ana Brenda Contreras as modern princess in white dress with corset

Ana Brenda Contreras as modern princess in white dress with corset mark your return to Mexican television. It was during the first gala of “Your face is familiar to me” where the actress shone as a presenter and her outfit stole glances.

It was in 2018 when Ana Brenda Contreras made a hiatus in her acting career inside the small screen with the project of “For loving without law”. Previously, Ana Brenda had become one of the favorite Mexican actresses thanks to soap operas like “Wild Heart”, “Teresa” and “Love Barrier”.

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After trying his luck in the United States with successful television series such as dynastyAna Brenda Contreras took a well-deserved break and returned to the television forums with the previous installment of “Your face sounds to me”, but the pandemic delayed the premiere in Mexico and it is not until now, when the program is broadcast simultaneously in Mexico and America makes it shine.

For this first transmission, Ana Brenda Contreras wore an exquisite White dress with detail of corset and puff sleevesplus loose hair and discreet makeup making her natural beauty shine.

Her style became a trend in social networks, as it is not the first time that Ana Brenda Contreras exudes elegance and now she will do it every weekend, so her followers are already waiting for her next outfit.

Ana Brenda Contreras, her great return to the screen

In addition to participating in “Your face sounds to me”, Ana Brenda Contreras has served as an ambassador for various beauty brands and recently completed a new tv series through digital platforms, where we will see him next to Aarón Díaz, with whom he coincides for the third time.

Ana Brenda Contreras She couldn’t be happier to return to what she loves so much, now at a stage where she has a beautiful and discreet relationship, where she feels extremely happy with her puppies, whom she fully consents to and with this opportunity to demonstrate more than his talent.

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“Your face sounds to me” can be seen in Mexico through the Canal de las Estrellas on Sunday afternoons and not only does Ana Brenda Contreras stand out, there is also Angélica Vale on the jury team and Marisol González with special presentations.

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