Ana Milan intervenes in the controversy over “The Little Mermaid” black and could not be more right

The actress Anna Milan, present in all the “puddles” on Twitter, did not want to miss the opportunity to comment on the latest “controversy” on this social network. We are talking about the controversy that has aroused in some sectors that the actress who stars in the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid”, Halle Bailey, be black

The woman from Alicante has indicated that she wants to think that all the controversy over the color of a mermaid’s skin “is a fantastic marketing maneuver by Disney”. And it is hard for her to believe, she adds, “that there is only one person who is so absurd, racist and with such a poor life and mind that you have time for something like that”.

His incontestable tweet, which accumulates more than 3,600 “likes” in a few hours, comes after a TikTok video has gone viral in which several black girls are excited to see that Ariel, the little mermaid in the live-action movie , is like them. “She’s brunette like me!”exclaims a little girl with a smile from ear to ear and a sparkle of excitement in her eyes.

Halle Bailey herself (not to be confused with Halle Berry) has shared it on Twitter, pointing out, after the campaign against her, that “it means a lot” for her:

Ana Milan has not only put some sanity into such a sterile debate, but has also replied, with her characteristic sense of humorto discordant voices:

“Well, wait for your daughter to find out that crabs don’t talk. She is going to give him a flus “, snaps to a tweeter who thinks that” if they wanted inclusion they should have created a new story with a new Little Mermaid “, something that in her opinion” would have been better accepted “.

“It’s okay for kids to get used to life changes, evolves and transmutes. The benefits of such an opening are far superior to customs. A greeting”, settles the conversation the Alicante.

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