Ana Patricia is the new host of “Falling in love”


Ana Patricia Gámez returns to host “Falling in love.”

After several months away from Spanish-language television, Ana Patricia Gámez returned in style to the leadership of “Falling in love.” The television presenter of Mexican origin will be in charge of the female leadership of the UniMás show after the departure of Karina Banda.

After announcing in April 2021 that she had decided to pause her career as a television presenter to dedicate herself to raising her children, Gámez seems to have changed her plans to resume the reins of the television host of “Falling in Love” after having received a very interesting financial proposal from the production company of the show.

According to information reviewed by the NY Journal, the production team of “Enamoranos” presented a new proposal to Ana Patricia to return to the television show to replace Karina Banda, who had been in charge of the driving role after her surprise resigns in April 2021.

Karina Banda welcomed Ana Patricia to the host of “Falling in Love”

During the broadcast of “Enamoranos” this Friday, April 1, Karina Banda welcomed Ana Patricia Gámez and emphasized that her colleague will be in charge of accompanying Rafa Araneda in leading the show from now on.

“Almost a year ago I made a decision, which I never regret, to take a break from television to watch my children grow up and have quality time with them. I have had projects, ventures and something very important, something that I needed… Ana Patricia needed to heal personal mourning, you know what I mean, and I have done it all this time”, Ana Patricia affirmed during her return to the show Falling in love with UniMás.

The winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010 continued mentioning: “Today I am ready to be here again, I believe that all of us who are mothers always look for the best for our children and we always ask ourselves if we are making the right decisions, I I know that I take them when I do them out of love and not out of fear, that’s the important thing. When they called me again to take the path of ‘Falling in Love’ of course I said yes, because this is my family, because here I have grown in many ways, because here my children have come and have seen me shine. I feel that all mothers need admiration and respect.”

“Today I raise the flag for those mothers who decide to take a break or a break to be at home with their children, also for all those who have to go to work and who do not have a job, who have two or three, and also for those who decide to return to the workplace to the daily battle, but this is not a battle, this is a party and I am really happy to be in ‘Falling in Love’”, he added.

Viewers reacted to the great return of Ana Patricia to “Enamoranos”

Faced with the surprising return of Ana Patricia Gámez to host “Falling in Love”, viewers were quick to react through the social networks of the UniMás television show.

The comments were immediate on the Instagram platform: “Ana Patricia is back the best of the night, she and Rafa are the perfect team from Falling in love. Thank you for coming back”, “Ana Patricia RETURNED 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I love her as a driver, she was missed”, “I love Ana Patricia, but I didn’t like what they did to Karina Banda at all “, “What a disappointment. I like Karina, she is the best, I am not going to watch the program with Ana Patricia”, “What you wanted was more money and you took Karina out”.

Gámez will be in charge of the female leadership of “Enamoranos” from the broadcast next Monday, April 4. The UniMás television show is broadcast Monday through Friday starting at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

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