Andriy Shevchenko gives emotional message after Russia’s attack on Ukraine

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After Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on the orders of the president Vladimir Putina Ukrainian sports legend spoke on social networks with a message of encouragement for his followers.

It is about the ex-soccer player and today coach, Andriy Shevchenkowho took advantage of his reach in his accounts to issue his publication.

Ukraine is my homeland! I have always been proud of my people and my country! ¡We’ve been through a lot of hard times and in the last 30 years we have formed as a nation! ¡A nation of honest, hard-working citizens and lovers of freedom! This is our most important asset!” he wrote on his Twitter account.

I have made the decision of a military operation. To those who try to interfere with us (…), they should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and it will lead to consequences that they have never known,” Putin declared a few moments ago.

So far there have been multiple reports bombing about different cities Ukraine.

For its part, Joe BidenPresident of United Statescondemned the attacks and blamed Russia for the human losses that this will cause.

President Putin chose (to launch) a war that will cause catastrophic human loss and suffering,” he said in a statement.

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