Android 13: even more customization for Material You themes

In the last few days someone has come into possession of an unofficial first build of Android 13 and is slowly making us discover what it will include the new generation of Google’s green robot. Now let’s go see the probable news for the dynamic themes.

Dynamic themes are part of the Material You of Android 12 and consist in the possibility of customize automatically the shades of the system interface according to the set wallpaper. We have known this feature as Monet, when it was still in development. With Android 13 will come different customizations for Monet.

Specifically, it means that for each system wallpaper it will be possible to choose between 4 shade profiles, however consistent with the shades of the background. Let’s see which ones:

  • TONAL_SPOT: The current color profile used by Monet in Android 12.
  • VIBRANT: very similar to the default one but with some brighter color accents.
  • EXPRESSIVE: a profile with a wider color profile, with some shades not present in the background set that go well with us.
  • SPRITZER: a desaturated, almost monochromatic profile.

The Images that you find below will provide you with a clear example of the four color profiles applied to the same system background.

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