Android, memory full? Here’s how to free up your storage space

Here are foolproof methods to free up space on Android after your files are backed up.

Free up the storage space on your phone or tablet Android it can be an ongoing challenge. But here are a few tricks and tools to get more space for your important apps, files and photos.

  Here's how to free up your storage space on Android (source: gettyimages)
Here’s how to free up your storage space on Android (source: gettyimages)

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Delete temporary files

First you can delete temporary files on Android 11. Here’s how:

Settings> Storage> Storage space> Free up space

Go to Settings and tap the setting for Storage. To get tips on how to free up space, tap the Storage button and then Free up space). The next screen opens the Files app which offers Cleaning Tips with different recommendations based on the amount of space used and the types of files on your device.

For example, you may be asked to clean up junk files – temporary files that take up space but they are no longer needed; if so, tap the Clean button to remove them.

The Files app can also find large files that take up a significant amount of space; to review them, tap the Select File button. Select all the files you want to remove and then tap Delete.

Use Smart Storage

If you’re still running low on space, you might want to try the Smart Storage option, available on the same storage settings screen. Or another method is to use lo Smart Storage which automatically deletes all the photos and videos that you have backed up in Google Photos when our device is almost full.

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When enabled, Smart Storage removes any photos and videos on your device that they have more than 60 days and backed up to Google Photos. Videos especially are known to take up a lot of space, so this option can help you if a lot of them are stored on your device. To configure it, tap the entry for Smart Storage and turn on the switch to activate it.

Clear the cache to free up storage space on Android

If you want to decide instead manually the contents to be deleted then go to the Storage screen, and tap one of the applications. On the page you will be able to empty the storage space and clear the cache. Doing this does not affect the files but frees up memory on your phone.

If you still need to free up storage space and you know you don’t need certain files, tap the for icon Clear storage space. Note that this action will delete all associated files and data.

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