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operating system users Android they often go through the problem of having a slower phone over the years. This is not a secret and it is even predictable, because updates and applications are getting heavier and more demanding. Luckily, all is not lost if you know how to look for solutions on the Internet.

One of the things you can do in Android after deleting all the images you have and clearing unnecessary data from apps is to turn off the animation, a well-known old-school trick.

Let’s be honest that it is not a solution that specialists usually recommend and, in addition, it is possible that you have never come across this option, since it is only available in Developer Settings. However, it does not hurt to make the system load with fewer tasks in full use.

ANDROID | How to disable animations

  • Regardless of its complexity, disabling animation can significantly improve the performance of your Android mobile.
  • First you need to enable “Developer Options”. So, tap “About phone” in Android Settings.
  • After that, select the Software Information option and look for the “Build Number”.
  • Tap on the “Build Number” seven times to activate Developer Options.
  • After activating Developer Mode, it returns to the previous screen. Locate “Developer Options” at the bottom and click it.
  • In the menu, you will need to disable “Transition Animation Scale”.
  • What the disable will do is let the system do the transition effects on every application switch. You can also disable window animation scaling and animator duration scaling.+

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