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The iphone They have achieved a lot of recognition over the years, due to their large number of functions and tools that allow users to have a better experience. Also, something that stands out a lot in these devices is their speed when opening applications.

Otherwise the Android which, depending on the models, can be much slower than others, especially if you use heavy apps or play video games. In that sense, iPhones often outperform these devices on a large scale.

Under this premise, perhaps it has awakened in you the question about what is the main cause of Android phones having more delay than iPhones. Thus, with information from the iPadizate portal, we provide you with the answer.

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Why is Android slower than an iPhone?

This is a common question among Android users, since, on many occasions, mobile devices tend to freeze or take time to open certain applications when you least expect it.

Although there may be several reasons, the main one is due to the android fragmentation. This has to do with the diversity of versions of this operating system available for each cell phone model.

This explains why some smartphone models tend to be faster compared to others. Due to fragmentation, certain devices suffer more restrictions, either at the level of security or performance.

On the contrary, iPhones have an integrated system that makes it much faster and has better supports to prevent it from slowing down when opening a heavy app, such as an online video game.

However, if you have an Android cell phone, you shouldn’t worry, since new updates are continually appearing so that you don’t suffer from speed problems and, above all, security.

Why are there two little holes at the top and bottom of your phone?

The information that we will provide you was disseminated by the portal specialized in technology Xataka Androidthe middle indicates that the two holes are dependent on each other.

lower hole: It is the microphone of your smartphone, the same one that is used for your friends to hear what you are talking about when answering or making a call and video call. With this hole you can also record audio through instant messaging platforms or interact with the Google Assistant.

upper hole: the top hole is also a microphone, the difference is that it is in charge of reducing the noise of your environment or environment where you are, so your contacts will hear the clearest calls in case there is too much noise.

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