Angelina Jolie: biological mother of her daughter Zahara reappears

Mentewab Dawit revealed the reasons why he had to give Zahara up for adoption.

In January 2006, a judge confirmed that Zahara, a girl Angelina Jolie had adopted a year before, now her last name was Jolie-Pitt, as the actors were forming a new family. That same month, the couple announced that they were expecting her first biological child.

Today, 17 years after that media adoption, and the famous image that went around the world of Zahara in the arms of the actress, the controversy returns to their lives, as Zahara’s biological mother has reappeared, Mentewab Dawit Lebiso who through an interview relived his tragic life story and revealed why he gave his then-baby up for adoption.

In September 2016, according to the TMZ portal, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce. AP

In a conversation with the British newspaper Daily Mail, Dawit Lebiso said that when he was only 19 years old, a stranger entered his grandmother Shone’s house and threatened her with a knife to rape her. Due to the attack, which she kept hidden for a long time, because in her community it was not well seen for that to happen to a woman, she became pregnant, and when her pregnancy began to show, she had to tell her parents, who doubt they ran her out of her house.

“My baby was sick and I was very weak and sick after birth,” she said. And since she couldn’t take care of her baby and she was almost forced to go back to her family, she had to consider putting her up for adoption.

“I couldn’t take care of her and my mother, my uncle and his wife suggested that I give her up for adoption. I was so weak that I accepted. I agreed that she should be given up for adoption. But if I had a chance again, I would have kept it,” she stated.

As is known from the beginning of Zahara’s adoption, Jolie went to the Wide Horizons For Children agency in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, to become a mother, there they told Jolie that the little girl had lost her mother to because of AIDS, a version that Angelina herself gave for a long time.


As is now known, the story that the actress was told was not true and Jolie found out about the deception in 2007, at which time she was very angry at being deceived in that way. Ten years later, Zahara’s biological mother declared that she thanked Angelina for saving her baby and acknowledged that her daughter was very lucky to be adopted by a celebrity, but that does not mean that she does not miss her. her.

In this regard, she added that she decided not to marry or have more children, because due to her extreme poverty she had had to give away a daughter and did not want to repeat history. It seems that her intention is not to recover Zahara but she does intend to be close to her.

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