Angelina Jolie hires assassin to kill her

It sounds like a story worthy of a Hollywood movie, but it is the purest of realities. And the protagonist of these events is Angelina Jolie, an actress who has given life to many characters throughout her career. It was in an interview with IMDb that Angelina Jolie made a very striking revelation about her personal life.

According to the actress, at a “very dark time” in her life, she even hired an assassin to kill her. Something she saw as an alternative to suicide. All of this was a consequence of the “strong depressive episodes” that Angelina Jolie dealt with at that point in her life. “This is going to sound crazy, but I actually hired someone to kill me,” she said.

The Killer convinced Angelina Jolie not to want to die

The story gets even more ridiculous when the actress reveals that it was the murderer himself who took Angelina Jolie away from the idea of ​​dying. “The person spoke to me with great affection, told me to think about it. A month later, other things changed in my life and I survived again,” she says. Without beating around the bush, the actress also explains the reason for this option over suicide. “With suicide comes all the guilt of all the people around you who think they could have done something. On the other hand, with someone murdering you, no one takes any kind of responsibility,” she argues. Defending that murder would have been easier for family and friends to bear.

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