Angelina Jolie, what she would have wanted to do if she hadn’t become an actress: the ‘crazy’ backstory


Angelina Jolie, do you know what she wanted to do if she hadn’t become an actress? You will be stunned! The backstory is really bizarre!

Angelina Jolie
The backstory on Angelina Jolie that leaves you speechless (getty source)

She achieved international fame by playing video game icon Lara Croft in films Lara Croft as Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life. Angelina Jolie, to date, is certainly one of the most loved and appreciated actresses of the world film scene. She has starred in numerous films. The actress has won three Golden Globes, and many awards received.

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Talented, but also beautiful, she has repeatedly been declared the most beautiful and charming woman in the world, and it is impossible to say otherwise. It would seem, however, that an unexpected backstory in his life would emerge. Jolie, has repeatedly confessed, that if she had not become an actress, she would have wanted to do something else: are you curious to find out what it is? We are sure, you will be speechless.

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Angelina Jolie, not everyone knows: she wanted to do it, the bizarre backstory

Angelina Jolie she is considered one of the most talented actresses in the world film scene. Gifted with great talent, we must admit, however, that she also has a breathtaking beauty.

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In fact, several times, she has been declared the most beautiful and charming woman in the world. But in his life, or at least, in his past, a jaw-dropping backstory has emerged. Apparently, Angelina, she would have liked to do something else, if she had not become an actress. But what exactly did he dream of doing?

angelina jolie
Getty source

Since I was a child I dream of organizing funerals”, Angelina said several times. Apparently, she wanted to become the director of a funeral agency, would you have ever said that? A truly bizarre ‘desire’ that of the actress, who, thinking about it, leaves you speechless. But this ‘dream’ of hers has not had development, because the talented and beautiful Angelina Jolie has become a very successful actress!


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