Anne Hathaway lives sapphic romance in film Eileen

The American actress Anne Hathaway is the protagonist of the film Eileen (William Oldroyd, 2023), we tell you the details of this production that promises to give a sapphic romance between her and her co-star, the New Zealand actress Thomasin McKenzie.

The actresses Anne Hathaway and Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie are in charge of bringing a romance what promises make the LGBT+ community fall in loveboth are in Eileena movie of mystery who had his premiere the January 21, 2023 under the Sundance Film Festival. The script has its origin in a homonymous novel written for ottessa moshfeghthis was published in 2016.

The rest of cast of Eileen it is made up of the following actors and actresses: Jefferson White, Sam Nivola, Shea Whigham, Marin Ireland, Owen Teague Y Siobhan Fallon.

What do you know about the movie? Eileen?

The first picture of the movie Eileen has been revealed by its protagonistsWell, Anne Hathaway He uploaded this photo to his Instagram account. Something that has attracted attention is that here we can see blonde anneusually has brown hair. At his right side is Thomasin McKenzie. LOOK AT THIS LIST OF RECENT LESBIAN FILMS THAT HAVE BEEN FAVORITELY ACCEPTED.

The history It’s about a girl named Eileen. (Thomasin McKenzie’s character), who works as a secretary in a prisoneverything is normal until one day a woman named Rebecca (Anne Hathaway) join the team in that correctional facility. They both know each other and They start a friendship, but a crime what’s going on makes their lives change. The setting takes place in the decade of 1960 in Boston. FIND OUT ABOUT WHEN ANNE HATHAWAY LEFT CATHOLICISM BECAUSE OF THE LOVE SHE HAS FOR HER GAY BROTHER.

This is the novel that inspired the film. / Photo: Instagram (@annehathaway)

Eileen It has had good initial reviews from the media What Variety and Indie Wire. Something that has drawn a lot of attention is that some portals have even made comparisons with Carol (Todd Haynes, 2015). Carol it is one of the most loved lesbian movies by the LGBT+ audience, so this has made the public more excited. MEET THESE CELEBRITIES WHO BECOME LESBIAN REFERENCES FOR YOUNG WOMEN.

In its criticism of Eileenthe journalist Jessica Kiang’s Variety commented:

“The parallels with Carol by Todd Haynes are so obvious they’re almost self-aware […] the films have similarities in that they are December tales of stories centered on the lesbian attraction that arises between a shy young brunette and a worldly older blonde.

Anne Hathaway said feeling inspired by the booklet Eileen:

“I felt very empowered by the novel and by all the care that was taken because the novel and the film script come from the same source.”

He mentioned the above because the writer of the book was involved in the creation of the script of the tape. you can find the declaration in it minute 3:01 next’s video. CHECK OUT THE SAPPHIC SHORT OF ZENDAYA AND ANNE HATHAWAY.

Until now It is unknown when this film will have its premiere and distribution international.

Are you excited to see this production where we can see a romance between women?

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