Anne Hathaway’s weird advice to push her eyes away

In a recent TikTok video, actress Anne Hathaway joined her community with surprising savvy for the meatiest of lives.

New LipTok trick every day. Anne Hathaway recently rejoined the social network TikTok and has achieved over 440,000 followers. If the actress has not published three videos, then Dernier will be wonderful on a date. In fact, Quadragénaire to Révélé au grand jour is the secret to getting meaty levres. When it was around her neck, she made movements touching these levras to illustrate this sentence.

The actress reveals that her identity is linked to Shiseido’s promotional tour, where she is her image. Anne Hathaway, who found the superiority of “un peu fanée” demanded by her stylist son, épingle à cheveux and repetition of the operation: “J’ai en quelque sorte stimulated my lèvre pour essay de faire revenir un peu de sang là – I did it to write an essay about the fair surrounding a person and declare that the world respects me as I do when I am three times “, at-elle déclaré devant un montage qui illustrait son astuce LipTok (term used for videos relating to the beauty of levres) .

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“Ne vous poignardez pas!”

First of all, a movie star Le Diable s’habille at Prada (2006) adds that this is not very prudent: “Avis de unresponsabilité en matière de securité! Il se peut que l’on pousse trop, que l’on pousse trop for alors que c’est censé être doux. Ne vous poignardez pas! Si vous avez fait couler du sang, vous êtes there trop loin. “Cecy is not a vampire from LipTok,” Anne Hathaway said. Vanguard: “It is enough to repeat this gesture for 30 seconds to get the result.” The original tester for cells and feet, which cannot be ignored in the case of aesthetic surgery.

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