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Nowadays, it is almost impossible to keep track of the celebrities that are part of the exclusive world of Hollywood. Those who we do have very present are the icons of the entertainment industry who, through their legacy, continue to excite us even if they no longer accompany us. Precisely, Marilyn Monroe He was one of those figures who, with his talent and charisma, has transcended history. In memory of her life and career as an artist, her biographical film will finally be released on September 28, in which the young promise of cinema, Anne of Armswill be the protagonist of this film produced by Netflix.

For some time now we have been coming across multiple photos and excerpts from what will be ‘Blonde’, the film based on the homonymous novel by Joyce Carol Oates published in 1999. And it is thatthis biopic It has been creating expectations for almost two years (time that has passed since filming officially began). The controversies surrounding the delay in the release date were present, since images of the recordings were already leaking and it was even known that the production work had already finished.

To be exact, in August 2019, it was already public knowledge who would be responsible for capturing the essence of Marilyn Monroe. With the news already spread by various media, Ana De Armas (born in Cuba but also with Spanish nationality) shared messages on her social networks regarding the late Norma Jane (birth name of the superstar of Hollywood). Through a photograph, he even revealed a bit of the transformation he underwent to stay true to the look of Marilyn Monroe.

Although initially there were negative comments regarding the leading role of the also ‘Bond Girl’, with the promotion of the film, which will be released on the streaming platform Netflix, positive opinions about the resemblance of Anne of Arms with the Californian actress they are increasing.

At 34 years old, the actress originally from Havana is about to take off her career to the next level. It is true that productions in a foreign language are no strangers to the roles that she usually plays (we can see her in the blockbuster movie ‘The Gray Man’ with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling), but the relevance of this project in particular has a meaning. distinct.

When we refer to Marilyn Monroe we are talking about an icon of American film history and culture; Y The fact that a foreign actress (who speaks Spanish as her native language) has been chosen to play the unmistakable diva of the 50s is truly a monumental achievement for Anne of Arms. In addition, to a certain extent, it demonstrates the progressive change that has been taking place in the Hollywood.

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