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Anti is he eighth studio album of Rihanna, and the first since unapologetic (2012). A 13-song collection that was released on January 28, 2016. The next day, he released a deluxe edition with 3 more tracks. Difficult to classify in a single genre, the album wanders between rap and R&B. In my opinion, one of the best albums of her career, since it gave her greater credibility in the music scene and established herself as a female reference in the industry.

From the beginning it was already a vindictive album. Not only because of its name, since the prefix anti- means “opposite or against”. The premiere caught its fans by surprise and was free through the Tidal platform. A fact that came to confirm that Riri had been stomping. There is no doubt that the album was a bit chaotic on a promotional level. Something that is linked to a clear intention of the star to remove the title of creator of best-selling hits. It is also true that Rihanna has always known how to disguise songs to provoke some musical interest. But, this time it’s for real, and it’s proven by the huge team of collaborations throughout the record.


This work was predestined to be the antithesis of what the public expected. For fear of their label and record company, they decided to release work as single,. The most commercial song and that does the least justice to the work. It is clear that if you want to give name and echo to a single, a collaboration with Drake it’s a good idea.

consideration It perfectly reflects the beginning of this new stage of the singer. It is the first song and with which she opens the album. A RnB more alternative, neo-soul sound than SZA, composer of the theme, has achieved perfection. And that Rihanna seeks to develop to some extent throughout this album.

As I have previously said, this is an album that wanders through various genres, in kiss it better take out the eighties guitars. Love On The Brainis a ballad inspired by the 50s and even covers New Person, Same Old Mistakes of tame Impala which renames as Same Ol’ Mistakes.

From my point of view, one of the best songs and perhaps the one that best defines the album is woo. Almost four minutes of a ‘hiphophop’ and modern sound. Produced by the best of the best: The Weeknd, Travis $cott and The Dream. My favorite song on the record; .them adlibs by Travis Scott add power to the theme.

weak points

Far from it all the cuts are good, there are songs like Needed Me that pass without pain or glory through our ears. In higher, He talks about his vices, marijuana and drink give meaning to this song that is written to his ex-partner Chris Brown. Let’s just say they didn’t have the healthiest of relationships.

The disc closes it close to you, a song practically for piano and voice that reminds us of loving pasts. She says goodbye to the album but, honestly, it doesn’t convey much to me.

The anti tour:

This album was followed by a world tour that began in the United States in 2015 and culminated in Abu Dhabi in mid-2016. The tour was accompanied by good moments, but it was also full of controversy. The main problems arose during the concerts in Europe. Specifically, at Wembley Stadium in the city of London. The event already hung the sold-out sign. However, many of the attendees realized that Wembley Stadium was very empty. Many newspapers echoed this fact, criticizing the Barbadian.7

The attendees also showed their discontent on the social platform Twitter, as much more attendance was expected at the stadium. which would cause them With the expectations of a great visual impact, that in the end did not happen. As a result of these facts and the low ticket sales, in some of the following scheduled events, the singer together with her team decided to move her concerts from Prague, Vienna and Berlin, to smaller stadiums. In addition to this, fans also criticized that the show was repetitive.

2023: Rihanna returns to music

These were Rihanna’s last musical appearances. For more than five years we had no artistic news from Rihanna, on October 28, the artist published Lift me up. Riri would have had the collaboration of the Nigerian singer Tems, the Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson and the director of Black Panther, Ryan Coogler, to create this composition whose recording has gone through 5 different countries under the baton of Goransson himself in production work. This song for the movie wakandanhas been nominated for the Oscars 2023. The film has been one of the most anticipated of the year and has been a real success.

It seems that in 2023 we will have one of the most anticipated returns in recent years, in fact, we won’t have to wait too long to see it live. The artist will be singing in one of the most important sporting events in the world: The Superbowl. She will be performing on the Halftime show, offering an anthology musical show. The soloist from Barbados assures that it is a unique opportunity in her career.

“The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world, it’s every artist’s dream to be on a stage like that. But it’s stressful. You want to do well. You know, the whole world is watching. And they’re rooting for you. And I want to do well” Riri explained.

The Super Bowl is the dream of any artist

During these years away from music to a certain extent, Riri has had time to start a family. The singer had a son with A$AP ROCKY.

Rihanna’s business:

Rihanna is considered one of the most powerful women in the world, not only because of her influence in the world of music, fashion, and beauty, but also because of her outstanding career in business in recent years. With these companies, the richest woman in the world within the musical field, although most of said fortune comes precisely from the businesses that she has forged outside of the artistic. These are some of her businesses:

  • Fenty Beauty: Makeup brand that takes its name from the singer’s last name. It is a partnership with the luxury goods company Louis Vuitton. They split 50 percent each.
  • Savage x Fenty: Like its makeup line, Savage x Fenty is a lingerie brand that seeks inclusion, so the garments are suitable for all types of silhouettes and there are sizes from XS to 3X. The brand was launched in 2018 and is currently worth around a billion dollars; of these, Rihanna has 30 percent.

As we have seen, despite not having released anything musically, she is still very active as a businesswoman. Rihanna is a versatile and successful woman and let’s hope she continues to put out a lot more music.

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