Antonella Mosetti on Only Fans: “I’ll eat, when the transfer arrives I’m so happy. I live thanks to social media”


In a long interview with Who, Antonella Mosetti he retraced his professional and private life. Between past and future projects, the former face of It is not Rai he spoke above all of the present. After Big Brother Vip, in fact, it seems to have disappeared from circulation. How do you live now? “I am a resolute woman,” she assured. Then he explained: “I live thanks to social media, I work on Instagram, Tik Tok and OnlyFans ”. The 46-year-old showgirl has no problem revealing that it is thanks to platform who has his earnings and goes on without any problem: “I eat there, when the bank transfer arrives I’m so happy“.

For those unfamiliar with it, OnlyFans is a website that offers an entertainment service via subscription. ‘Entertainment’ of various kinds, even explicit like nude photos and videos. With the subscriptions of followers, those who publish on OnlyFans manage to set aside a more or less substantial loot. Antonella Mosetti is not the only Italian VIP to have signed up, quite the contrary. There are several celebrities who have caught the ball while others are becoming famous thanks to the ‘hot’ social network. Earnings? Even stellar.

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