Anxiety! The earth’s crust may split into two parts

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Scientific research has found that A new geological fault could split the Earth in two at tectonic plates. While this doesn’t literally mean the planet is splitting in two, it could cause a significant rift in the tectonic plates separating Asia.

The Earth is in constant motion due to the activity occurring in the lithosphere. In this way natural phenomena are generated, such as tsunami, earthquake or volcanic eruption. Each of these events affects the Earth’s crust, the most superficial layer of the planet.

These dynamics cause the Earth to change at any given time. Initially, There was only one continent on the planet called Pangea.. This supercontinent began to break up approximately 175 million years ago. The movement of tectonic plates has caused Pangea was divided into two large continental masses: Laurasia in the north and Gondwana in the south.

These two large continents later broke up into the continents we know today. According to a study published by the National Science Foundation, It is possible that the Earth will split in two, as indicated in their geological studies. “Rupture and roll-up of Indian mano lithosphere during flat plate subduction”.

Nevertheless, This expression refers to tectonic plates that can cause faults, cracks and important movements leading to earthquakes or changes in landforms. The earth consists of several layers that maintain its global integrity, so tectonic changes They do not affect the cohesion of the planet as a whole, but have an important local impact.

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