Aracely Arámbula asks her children for their opinion on photos and they compare them

The actress shared with how she involves Miguel and Daniel in some decisions about her career

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Aracely Arámbula talks about her children

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Aracely Arámbula is one of the actresses who, since she became a mother, has been very close to her sons Miguel and Daniel, who sometimes give their opinion about their mother’s work.

In a meeting with the media, the television star shared that a digital cover will soon be released with some very attractive photographs, which her little ones could already see.

“I love it because sometimes I ask for their opinion and my son tells me: ‘Mom, you look like Lele Pons’ and I like Lele so much, that I love Lele, so I say, oh really, thank you,” he said.


She was fascinated to be compared to the internet star because she is a person who motivates her followers to love each other with all her strengths and weaknesses.

“I congratulated her and she says ‘I love you’, what a beautiful girl, that you are showing yourself, you who are such a young person and that so many young people follow you, how good that you show how you are because people live full of filters,” he said.

The protagonist of ‘Lasvías del amor’ was also questioned about what she thinks of the controversy surrounding Silvia Pinal, who despite her ups and downs in her health, continues to work in the theater.

“How nice that she is on stage, that she does what she wanted, that this life is to fulfill dreams and to do everything that fills us with passion and

Silvia Pinal

for us she is a great great actress, she is a great theater teacher, she was trained in the theater and how wonderful”, she concluded.

This way it’s like

Aracely Arambula

opened the expectation about the new photographs that will come to light as part of a digital cover.

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