Are moms in fashion?

In the eyes of the United States and the entire world, a pregnant Rihanna she would go up on the stage that is set up every year for the halftime show of the Super Bowl final, even though no one knew she was pregnant yet. She thus announced the singer that she was expecting a second child with the rapper asap rocky. Almost fifteen minutes, another fifteen songs, walks and dances around the stage later, the Barbadian became the first pregnant woman to perform on the most watched show on American television.

She had not performed before a large public for five years, but in a previous interview she stated what had been her great motivation for going to the appointment that the NFL had proposed: “When you become a mother, you think you are capable of anything”, said the singer then. Rihanna not only wore a red Loewe suit, but with it she also put her motherhood under the spotlight, which she was defending with the force of her steps on the platforms that floated over the playing field, with a baby in her belly and another one year old at home.

Singer Rihanna, during the Super Bowl halftime performanceEFE

Faced with those who have hidden to maternity, such as Kylie Jenner -during her first pregnancy her hair was not visible- or those who, like edward casanovathey believe that it is better that no one go through it – “I question myself a lot if it is reasonable to bring a child into the world today,” he said in a controversial interview in The country– Rihanna has not been the only one who has decided to mix the personal with the professional and bring out her belly.

In March 2022, while presenting his film alcarrás at the Malaga Festival, Carla Simon received the call from Miuccia Prada. Although she was still in the early months of her pregnancy, the film director could not refuse to participate in Women’s Tales, the initiative of the luxury fashion firm Miu Miu to support the cinema and, incidentally, show their new collections. From there it is born Letter to my mother for my sona 24-minute short that weaves the story of a family through the thread of intergenerationality: grandmother, mother and son.

Simón herself appears pregnant, but the short is not just an ode to motherhood –which is also– but the way of telling her son who his grandmother is. The director’s parents died of AIDS when she was only six years old and taking them to her projects has been the way to invent them in search of her own identity. With Letter to my mother for my son, the director stated: “I want to give my son what I did not have: a family history.”

The intimacy of the clan was not something new in the work of the filmmaker, rather the thread that directs her career. summer, 1993, her first feature film, talks about the mourning that she herself experienced as a child, and for alcarrás (with which she has become the first Spanish director to win a Golden Bear at the Berlinale in 2022) was inspired by the story of her own uncles, with whom she grew up after her parents died.

On the big screen, there are many more mothers, although recently situations have come to life in which motherhood is no longer a bed of roses. From parallel mothersfrom Almodóvar, Tullystarring Charlize Theron, five little wolves, directed by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa; And so the list could go on, but you have to get up from your cinema seat and sit in the front row of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid.

September 2022: the Spanish model Neus Bermejo revolutionizes the catwalk when parading pregnant. She wasn’t the first to do it, but it’s not the most common either. Other professional colleagues, such as Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima or Irina Shayk They have already opened this path before.

Just five months later, the Catalan mannequin returned to the MBFW, but this time with her daughter in her arms. The gesture was seen with tenderness by some, but it was also criticized by others. “Unnecessary” or “I don’t see the need to expose the girl… I don’t take my son to work”, were some of the comments that the image aroused on social networks. Bermejo, in this regard, said: “I wish everyone saw it just like that, as a special moment between mother and daughter.”

Rigoberta Bandini is clear: she can only write love songs for her son. The song, called love songs to you, is a love letter to his little one, a plan for the future that includes watching all Sorrentino’s movies together and having dad make spaghetti on Sundays. In the last moments of the song, Paula Ribó is heard saying:

Before I was a mother, this whole thing was like, like

Let’s see, the gang is exaggerated, it can’t be that heavy

Well, it multiplies like everything, it’s like being alive, but with two thousand more tentacles

For better and for worse, huh?

There are also times when it gives, ah, pain, fear…

But, damn, it’s beast.

Rihanna already commented a few lines above how motherhood had changed her, something Bandini endorses. Four recent maternity hospitals have put her condition under the spotlight, and they are proof that, yes, mothers are in fashion, although it is later possible to expand the unknown to whether they ever stopped being so.

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