Are you autumn season? This is your colorimetry

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March 20, 2023, 7:52 p.m.

Colorimetry is the science that studies the qualitative and quantitative measurements of color. In style It helps us to know the colors that favor us the mosttaking as a reference our eye, skin and hair color.

Next, we share with you the main characteristics of the people who belong to the autumn season. Take note!

How is a person with autumn harmony?

There are many types of autumn people, but there are two main characteristics that we find in all of them: defined features and golden tones in either skin or hair. We can summarize it as follows:

  • Hair: red, copper, chestnut, or golden blonde. In some cases we might also include people with chocolate brown or black hair with reddish or gold undertones.
  • Fur: with peach or golden undertones.
  • Eyes: brown, amber, chestnut, gold or light. They can also be honey or olive green. We can even find people with blue or aquamarine eyes.

If you are in the autumn season, these will be your hair, eye and skin tone.

Colors that look good if you are autumn harmony

In this case, cold tones (typical of the winter and summer seasons) turn off the light on your face and mark expression lines. Therefore, intense warm colors are the ones that suit you best: the basic colors for autumn people are off-white, beige, camel, brown and khaki green.

Eye makeup will look great on you. brown and green tones. If you want to risk, you can opt for blues like turquoise. We recommend opting for foundations with a beige undertone and not a pink one.

What hair color to wear if I am autumn?

Natural hair is usually red, copper, chestnut or golden blonde. It will also favor gray, white with yellowish tones, chocolate brown or black with reddish or golden hues.


  • Olivia Palermo
  • kaia gerber
  • drew Barrymore
  • Nicole Richie
  • Julia Roberts
  • Emma Watson
  • Emily Ratajkowski

In the gallery we share with you different examples of celebrities who belong to the autumn season. If you still have any doubts about whether or not you belong to this station, surely you see it more clearly!

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