Ariel Holan stops being Leon’s coach

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After the Lion Club He has not had a regular step under the command of Ariel Holan, the Argentine DT ceased to be the strategist of the emerald club, hours after falling to America on Day 15 of the Closure 2022.

The information was made official by the Fiercewhere they announce that the Argentine He quit after Wednesday night’s meeting at the Aztec stadiumalthough during the conference he had ruled out taking a step to the side.

Hello arrived at the emerald complex in the month of May, after Ignatius Ambriz left the position after deciding not to renew his contract, but he was unable to make the team work in two tournaments, since the CL2022 It is two dates away from completion.

The Argentine leaves the team in position 12 in the general table, in the playoff, after five wins, four draws and six losses. While in the opening 2021 added eight wins, five draws and four setbacks.

“The feeling is that while we were 11 against 11 we were betteror at least we had the best situations, when we were 10 against 11 we were able to tie the game and then it broke down the match and that happened”, he said after being questioned if he had the support of the players.

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