Arista lands rights to AI-generated graphic novel

The United States Copyright Office has granted the registration of the work ‘Zarya of the Dawn’ to the artist Kris Kashtanova, a fact that is considered the first of its kind being a graphic novel created with the help of an artificial intelligence.

Kashtanova relied on the artificial intelligence Midjourney, which generates artistic images from text, like DALL-E and IMAGE. According to her account on her Instagram profile, she was clear at all times about the use of this AI tool and even added it to the cover.

“I tried to argue that we have copyright when we do something using AI. I registered it as a work of visual art. My certificate is in the mail and I received the number and a confirmation that it was approved,” explains the artist. The registration of ‘copyright’ became effective on September 15.

As indicated in Ars Technica, Midjourney contributed partially and not totally to the final result. Kashtanova was responsible for writing the story, creating the design, and making the artistic decisions to tie the images together.

The step taken by the United States Copyright Office contrasts with the decision being taken by some image portals, such as Getty Images. Its CEO, Craig Peters, assured The Verge that the prohibition of this type of work is due to copyright problems that can appear with “the results of these models and unaddressed rights issues regarding images, image metadata, and people contained in images“.

Shutterstock, for its part, also takes into account the doubts that revolve around the copyright of works generated by synthetic systems. Although in recent weeks the removal of some of them from their website had been detected, the CEO, Paul Hennessy, has reported that they come in this technology “a new tool” with which to “promote greater creativity”and therefore, are “taking steps to analyze the impact of AI-generated art.”

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