Armed Woman Arrested at Puff Diddy’s After Party

Honored by the BET Awards for the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, Sean John Combs gave an after party, at which a woman in procession with a loaded gun was arrested and then released on recognizance.

Diddy’s after party saved from a tragedy

The distinction of “Lifetime Achievement Award” of the BET Awards of this year was awarded to Puff Diddy. Indeed, this award is given to artists who have greatly contributed to the development of the music industry. The winner of this edition is worthy of this tribute since he has left his mark on pop culture for the years 1990.

This unprecedented moment for Sean Combs was embellished by the testimonies of singers such as Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, Faith Evans, Lil Kim… During the ceremony, he performed some of his hit songs.

After the celebration, Puffy organized an after party which almost turned into a tragedy. According to the magazine TMZ, a woman was arrested outside the residence after displaying a gun frightening diners.

In fact, the control at the entrance to the host’s house forced the guests to wait their turn to enter their car. In the aftermath, impatience led a lady to get out of her car brandishing her weapon which was loaded. Mastered by the guards, she is handed over to the police of Los Angeles who releases her on recognizance.

The party continued quietly with Yung Miami, Chris Brown, Tiffany Haddish and more TV stars

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