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Nintendo Switch is the perfect system to enjoy those soulslike that, in other systems, go under the radar. So far, except that in the future the cloud says otherwisethe hybrid system only has the first installment of the celebrated saga. Since its debut in 2018, there has been much speculation about hypothetical new releases that have not materialized. However, that is no reason to not enjoy similar proposals on your console. Therefore, today we will collect several titles with which to quench your thirst for souls.

Five soulslike to enjoy on Nintendo Switch

Ashen (2019)

To a select few, Annapurna’s title is the valedictorian of the class. Almost five years ago, Aurora44’s work debuted in the big N system. Its fantastic proposal, supported by an adventure with role-playing and action overtones, dazzled all those who decided to try it. Set in a medieval world, Ashen does not hide how influenced he is by the saga of Hidetaka Miyazaki. And, despite this, he manages to distance himself enough to feel like a title with a lot of personality.

Unfortunately, several factors worked against this game on its debut. For starters, having a digital-only release meant that go under the radar of many users. This, added to the fact that the Nintendo Switch version was the one that took the longest to reach the market, caused this soulslike it didn’t have all the repercussion it deserved. If you like challenges and unique adventures, Ashen is a perfect option. In addition, as you will see in its eShop file, it regularly receives discounts (although its base price is €35.99).

Salt and Sanctuary (2018)

We enter the first installment of side scrolling and 2D action. On Salt and Sanctuarythe story begins when a castaway arrives on an unknown island. To his misfortune, his approach to this mysterious place means that unknown dangers and sinister figures emerge from the shadows to end the peace. And, as in any RPG worth its salt, saving the world will depend on our skill and knowledge.

In the adventure of Ska Studios, the action and the mechanics of the purest role go hand in hand to offer us a proposal full of charisma. With over 600 weapons and spells, the chances of living two equal games in Salt and Sanctuary they are very remote. In addition, its variety of armor and items will allow us to have infinite options when it comes to building our own class. If you want to enjoy a complex, brutal and frenetic combat, seasoned with unique settings and a story that will leave you breathless, this is one of the best options in the Switch catalog. In addition, due to its low price (€14.99), it is also one of the cheapest.

Hollow Knight (2018)

the king of soulslike of Nintendo Switch. Without discussion. For years, Nintendo fans have turned Hollow Knight trending every time a Direct is announced. And, time after time, they end up disappointed and without news of the sequel. This passion for the independent title that swept almost five years ago shows that, on its own merits, the adventure in Hallownest is one of the most emblematic of the system.

For many, talking about any content related to the title is “unveiling part of the magic”. Therefore, we will limit ourselves to addressing what is fair and necessary to encourage you to immerse ourselves in an odyssey that you will never forget. In Team Cherry’s epic we will put ourselves in the shoes of the Knight, the intrepid hero of this adventure who will enter the ruins of a civilization that long ago left behind his glory days. For its aesthetics, proposal, design and, in general, all its aspects, Hollow Knight has conquered Switch users. Therefore, we invite you to, at least, try a title closely linked to the big N system. In addition, just like Salt and Sanctuaryit barely costs €14.99.

Blasphemous (2021)

The national touch of the list. The proposal from The Game Kitchen, the Spanish studio based in Andalusia, conquered the entire industry. In his universe, a terrible curse called “the miracle” changes the life of Cvstodia and its inhabitants. Our mission, in the role of the Penitent, will be rid the world of the tragic fate that awaits. Also, while we accomplish this mission, we will have to discover the origin of our nightmare: finding ourselves trapped in an eternal cycle of death and resurrection.

Like Hollow Knight, Blasphemous is one of the Nintendo Switch titles that fit the definition of soulslike and, in turn, in the metroidvania. Its premise is committed to exploration and investigation, elements closely linked to the work of Miyazaki. What’s more, the action is one of the strongest points of the gamereason why Blasphemous It will give us fights and moments as special as they are unique. For its price, €24.99 in the eShop, few proposals can offer you more for less. If you have doubts or a minimum of interest, luckily, you can enjoy a free demo that will teach you the virtues of the title.

Death’s Door (2021)

One of the biggest surprises of the end of 2021. Devolver Digital, synonymous with quality, distributes this Acid Nerve adventure starring a raven turned into a hero. in the universe of Death’s Door, these birds are responsible for sending souls to the afterlife. Under this premise, we will experience an unusual situation when a desperate thief causes us to land in a world where Death has no power. There, we will understand how terrible it is when the lines between living and dying blur.

Devolver Digital’s proposal is, on its own merits, one of the best soulslike for nintendo switch. In it, we will have to make our way through various scenarios in which exploration and action will prevail. Added to the influence of Miyazaki’s titles designs inspired by Studio Ghibli and proposals rescued from the Zelda classics. This reason, added to its affordable price (€19.99) and the hours of fun and challenge it will provide us, means that Death’s Door be, in short, a safe bet.

And you, did you know these? soulslike from the Nintendo Switch catalog? Have you been able to play any of them? What other titles of the same cut would you recommend us? We read you in the comments.

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