Artificial intelligence to analyze dental x-rays

When dentists analyze the x-raysthey usually do it in lighted rooms, with computers that are not specialized in Radiology and, often, with the patient sitting next to them.

Now, overjeta company founded by MIT alumniuse the artificial intelligence to analyze radiographs for the purpose of remove the subjectivity of x-ray interpretations and thus improve patient care.

“It’s about moving towards more precision medicine, where we have the right treatments at the right time. That’s where technology can help. Once we quantify the disease, we can make it very easy to recommend the right treatment.” designated the founders.

Overjet has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to detect caries and quantify bone levels to aid in the diagnosis of periodontal diseasea common but preventable gum infection that causes the jaw and other tissues that support the teeth to deteriorate.

In addition to helping dentists detect and treat disease, Overjet’s software also is designed to help dentists show patients what problems they are seeing and explain why they recommend certain treatments.

The software provides information on the type of x-ray taken, how a tooth may be impacted, the exact level of bone loss with color overlays, as well as the location and severity of cavities.

The company has already analyzed tens of millions of X-rays and is currently used by dental clinics across the United States. “Our mission at Overjet is to improve oral health by creating a future that is clinically accurate, efficient and patient-focused”, they have assured.

And it is that when it comes to periodontal disease, dentists must perform millimetric evaluations to determine the severity and progression of the disease, since its extension and progression determines the best treatment.

In this sense, they explained: “Technology could play a important role not only to improve diagnosis, but also to communicate with patients more effectivelyOverjet began as a tool to help insurance companies streamline dental claims before the company began integrating its tool directly into clinics.


When a dental x-ray is imported to a computer, Overjet’s software automatically analyzes the images. When the image appears on the computer screen it has information about the type of x-ray taken, how a tooth can be impacted, the exact level of bone loss with color overlaysas well as the location and severity of the cavities.

Overjet also incorporates historical information about each patient, tracking bone loss in each tooth and helping dentists detect cases in which the disease progresses more rapidly.

“This is about using data to change the way we practice care, think about plans and offer services to different types of patients,” they concluded.

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