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It has finally arrived: since the night of May 5, those who are fans of Benito Martínez Ocasio, better known as badbunny, have been able to listen to their new album A summer without you which is inspired by the caribbean music he grew up with while vacationing with his family on the eastern side, near Río Grande and Fajardo.

On this occasion Bad Bunny presented an album with 23 songs where he incorporates synthesizers, reggaeton and mambo, among other Latin rhythms. Throughout the disc, the Bad Rabbit sings along with Rauw Alejandro, Jhay Cortez, Tony Dize, Chencho Corleone, Bomba Estéreo, Buscabulla and The Marías.

And the entire album is full of references to Puerto Rico, important reggaeton figures, celebrities like Zendaya, brands like Tesla and apps like Instagram, among many others. And what do you think? We got curious and we collect all the references we find in A summer without you

1. Moscow Mule

“I don’t know about you, but I would like to wake up naked… on a beach in Bali, if not, Cancun. Ask for another Moscow Mule”, says Bad Bunny in his first song of the new album.

ANDhe Moscow Mule is a cocktail made with vodka, which is based on lime juice, and ginger beer.

2. After the Beach

The second track is a mambo in which he refers to the song ‘Ella y yo’ by Don Omar and Romeo Santos (Adventure).

“Your boyfriend thinks he’s Romeo, and I’m going to make him like Don, I’m going to make him like Don, what, what, what? What do you say? I went out with your wife. God already forgave me, you’re missing”, sings the Bad Rabbit

In this 2005 song, Romeo and Don Omar tell the story of an infidelity. A great reggaeton classic.

3. I’m cute

In this song together with Chencho Corleone, the reggaeton players make reference to songs by Plan Bas well as that group already Rebel (RBD).

Benedict mentions ‘frikitona‘, from Plan B, a reggaeton group to which Chencho Corleone previously belonged.

He also mentions “If you want I’ll make you a baby or I’ll bring you Plan B”.

In the same stanza he sings:Sticks 2000 listened to RBD and now he wants to perreo, all night on the wall”.

4. I am not jealous

In the sixth song of his album, the Bad Rabbit mentions a Puerto Rican singer: “Now you are made of fire like Olga Tanonheh And in the heart you left me the Grand Canyon”.

Olga released in 1993 the album fire woman, which includes songs like ‘Muchacho malo’, ‘Woman of fire’ and ‘But you always come back’. More recently, in 2021, the singer released the EP ‘On fire’.

5. Tarot

In this single Jhay Cortez mentions an Italian painter: “I am DaVinci and you my work of art, you are art”.

6. Two thousand 16

Bad Bunny makes a mention of the American actress Zendaya and, by the way, to the HBO series euphoriaof which she is the protagonist.

“Today I have a party in Dizu, tomorrow in Aljibe and I’m staying for Maya, hey. I’m going to hit you with euphoria, you’re my Zendaya (Rrra!)”.

7. The Blackout

This is perhaps the track in which Bad Bunny makes more references because he talks about Puerto Rico: “The capital of perreo, now everyone wants to be Latino’, but they lack seasoning, drums and reggaeton, hey, hey”.

The first reference is found in the name. Just in April of this year, Puerto Rico suffered a blackout that lasted several days and left more than a million people in the country. The incident was recorded on April 7 and the service was restored on the 11th. This blackout was significant as it was one of the largest in the year, and also occurs after the devastation of the Puerto Rico electrical system after the hurricane maria of 2017.

Meanwhile, the first mention is for maelo ruizan American salsero of Puerto Rican descent, who is named alongside Tego Calderonthe Puerto Rican reggaeton singer known above all for the song ‘Pa que retozen’.

Next, José Juan Barea, a Puerto Rican basketball player, is named. He is currently 37 years old and plays with the Cangrejeros. About him, Benito points out that “he was champion before LeBron (James)”, player of the Lakers.

In the end, the rabbit’s girlfriend, the model gabriela berlingeri, sings a verse about Puerto Rico. Benito mentioned that this song came from his heart and that is why he did not look for a famous artist, but preferred to listen to Gabriela’s voice: “I wanted someone to sing it out of love, because it’s a sincere message.”he told the newspaper The New York Times.

8. A Coconut

In this song, Benito talks about heartbreak and mentions: “I’m going to throw the radio out to sea if Sin Bandera comes out, because I can’t listen to romance songs.”

Without flag is a duo of Mexican-Argentine singers who make romantic ballads and were very famous during the 2000s, with songs like ‘Que lloro’ and ‘Entra en mi vida’.

But his references to the 2000s do not end there, as Bad Bunny also mentions characters from two Mexican soap operas very famous:

“Your memory already weighs me down, you disguised yourself as Ruby and you were Teresa”.

9. Andrea

In song number 19, which is called ‘Andrea’, Bad Bunny makes references to car brands such as Civic and Tesla.

He also mentions women from history and entertainment: “The devil has woken up, hey. a warrior, Joan of ArcMoody, Niurka Marco‘”.

Benito sings with Buscabulla, a duo of Puerto Rican singers, where they also mention Max Verstappen of Formula 1 and the driver known as Buddy Baker:

“Life goes like Verstappen in Formula 1. And Buddy Baker at Daytona.”

10. A summer without you

El Conejo Malo names in this song, which gives its name to his new album, the Spanish composer Alejandro Sanz and one of his best-known songs:

Alejandro Sanz with a broken heart, and I with a broken soul”.

With information from Emilia López.

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