Baldur’s Gate 3 Authors Talk About New Mechanics and More Emphasis on Wagering


Larian Studios has shared the details of the fifth major patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 . Its release will take place on July 13th.

One of the key innovations will be the so-called Active Rolls. Players will be able to influence the roll of the dice with spells and bonuses to increase the chances.

Players will have more wagering opportunities thanks to Background Goals. The choice of backstory during character creation will affect the set of secret mini-quests. However, players will have to independently find ways to accomplish them.

For completing each such quest, players will receive an Inspiration Point, which can be spent at any time to reroll the dice. In total, you can get a maximum of 4 IPs. If the limit is exceeded, subsequent IPs will be converted into experience points.


The authors will completely overhaul the rest system to make players think more strategically about when to activate a long rest. Players will need resources like food to camp overnight. Partial Rest can still be activated without spending supplies, but it will not fully restore spells and health.

In addition, mini-camps will appear in the game. Previously, the characters returned to camp by the river for the night, but now locations will have their own local camps.

Also the developers:
  • improve the artificial intelligence of opponents (and friendly NPCs) who will be able to pick up knocked-out weapons and will better manage resources;
  • update spell animations;
  • will add a mode of non-lethal attacks for passing as a pacifist;
  • split retreat and jump (the latter will receive its own shortcut key);
  • will complement the storyline of the Shadowheart character;
  • will add a Point and Click dialogue system (the character will talk if he clicks the world, reacting to the plot and the environment).

Finally, a new dog awaits players, as well as visual and audio improvements.


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