Banana and banana, among products that have dropped in price

The executive director of the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor), Eddy Alcántara, said today that bananas, green bananas and other agricultural products have experienced substantial reductions in recent days.

Alcántara pointed out that according to a survey carried out by Pro Consumidor in the different markets to find out the real price of these items of great consumption in the Dominican population, it is confirmed that they are beginning to stabilize in favor of consumers.

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It also detailed that the aforementioned survey was carried out in the New Market on Duarte Avenue, as well as in the market of Villa Consuelo, San Cristóbal, San Pedro de Macorís and other towns.

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Eddy Alcantara

As he explained, andl barahonero banana previously sold in markets for up to 35 pesos wholesale, now its cost has been significantly reduced by up to 50%.

Meanwhile, the medium banana that It cost around RD$25.00 wholesale, it has also been reduced in the same proportion.

He also said that the creole banana The large one is priced at 15 pesos wholesale and 17 pesos retail, while the medium one sells for between 7 and 9 pesos wholesale, according to the report.

Alcántara maintained that, according to price monitoring, the fiah banana large is sold in the markets for RD$6.50 wholesale and RD$8.50 retail, while the medium of this variety is shipped for RD$3.00 wholesale and 5.00 pesos retail.

On the green banana and other agricultural products, the vast majority have had a notable reduction in favor of consumers.

“The reduction in the price of plantains, bananas and other products confirms what we had predicted, that the trend was that the prices of these items that are so important for the basic family basket would stabilize by the end of this month of January, as it has happened, that the fluctuation is downwards”, he highlighted.

The holder of Pro Consumer He asked the population to continue following up on the institution’s price monitoring, while indicating that other agricultural products have also experienced a drop in the markets, including garlic, onion, potato and others.

Finally, he announced that this entity will be carrying out operations to verify the prices of plantains and bananas in grocery stores, supermarkets and warehouses in the coming days, to avoid speculation to the detriment of consumers.

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