Bárbara Mori confesses about her past with a shocking message

The protagonist of ‘Rubí’ impacted with its publication

By: Pauline Flowers

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Bárbara Mori confesses about her past with a strong message

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Considered one of the most beloved and admired movie and television stars, she has long Bárbara Mori was honest about how difficult her childhood was with his parents, a stage that marked his life and of which he is now honest as rarely in networks social with a shocking message.

It was through her official Instagram account where the unforgettable protagonist of “Rubí” confessed the belief she had about love, about the impossibility of receiving it from the people who brought her into the world.

“Before I was not able to recognize my value, because of the circumstances that surrounded me in the first 17 years of my life. During that time I was generating a belief that I was not good enough to receive the love of the one who brought me into the world, “she began.

The protagonist of films such as ‘My brother’s wife’ and ‘Thirty, single and fantastic’ stressed that depending on the situations experienced during growth, ideas are formed that end up becoming beliefs that limit perception and how relates to the outside world from them.

“In my case, that belief accompanied me for many years in my life, and I was afraid that the world would realize that ‘I was worthless’. Until I began to make contact with my inner being. And I began a very beautiful and transformative healing work. And I discovered, not only that I was worth, but that my value was not based on my physical appearance, nor what others expected of me, my value is based on the consciousness that blossoms within me. Finding my courage strengthened every corner of my being,” the actress noted.

The reactions were immediate from celebrities such as Esmeralda Pimentel: “You have an extremely generous heart. Your soul is impressively beautiful and those of us who have gotten to know you are lucky”; words of love joined by Dominika Paleta, Africa Zavala and Rossana Najera to name a few.

It was in January 2020 that through a podcast, Bárbara Mori spoke for the first time about how she lived her childhood without the presence of her mother and with her father’s abuse.

“I had a super super rough childhood and I grew up without a mom and I grew up with a pretty violent dad, so growing up surrounded by this psychological, physical and other abuse, you grow up generating a belief that you’re not good enough to deserve love, not even that of your parents and this belief gives you an identity throughout your life and this identity often pushes you to act without realizing that you are building a path that does not satisfy you”.

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