Barry Levinson thinks the success of Sam’s ‘Euphoria’ is ‘tremendous’

Barry Levinson isn’t at all surprised that his son Sam Levinson is having so much success with “Euphoria.”

“It’s awesome,” the “Rain Man” director raved to Page Six exclusively at the premiere of his latest film, “The Survivor,” on Monday night.

“He always had his own mind as to how he would see things, so he was able to set that up for ‘Euphoria’. He writes it and directs it,” he noted. “He has a way of looking at things that I think is really exceptional.”

Barry, 80, says he “wasn’t surprised” by the graphic depiction of drugs in Sam’s HBO series “because I knew from our conversations over the years and when we watched movies together and that he was talking about things”.

“He had a certain way of examining it and the sensitivity,” he continued. “He has a real advantage over him, and it’s great to see that he was able to break through and do it the way he saw it. … It’s great fun to see his progress and enjoy it all. That’s wonderful.”

Hunter Schafer, Sam Levinson and Zendaya at HBO "Euphoria" Season 2 premiere.
Levinson adapted “Euphoria” from an Israeli series.
Getty Images for HBO

Sam, 37, has been open about his own history with drug addiction.

“I spent the majority of my teenage years in and out of hospitals, drug treatment centers and halfway houses. I was a drug addict and took anything and everything until I couldn’t hear or breathe or feel,” he revealed during the 2019 premiere of the first season of “Euphoria.” which received critical acclaim and an Emmy Award for star Zendaya.

Ben Foster in "The survivor."
Ben Foster stars in Barry Levinson’s latest film, “The Survivor.”
Leo Pinter/HBO

These days, Barry – whose films include ‘Diner’, ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’, ‘Bugsy’ and ‘The Wizard of Lies’ – is also working with HBO, where ‘The Survivor’ will premiere April 27. at 8 p.m. ET.

The biographical drama is based on the true story of a Holocaust survivor (Ben Foster) who was forced to lock up other prisoners to survive. He then briefly became a professional boxer in the United States and even fought against Rocky Marciano.

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