Beauty Hacks to look younger

We talk to you about the aesthetic and well-aging treatments that will be a trend this 2023.

It is always a good opportunity to reinvent ourselves and take care of ourselves, so I want to talk to you about the new B.beauty Hacks to see you younger. Also, they are worn by many celebrities.

By: Dr. Esmeralda Bastidas Valenzuela, specialist in aesthetic, regenerative, functional and well-aging. Founder and CEO of NEOCLINIC.

Before I tell you about these beauty hack, I want to explain to you what he is well aging. In reality, it is a health trend that, far from rejecting aging (which begins at age 25), seeks to make it healthy, natural and harmonious.

For this reason, aesthetic medicine is clear that beauty is achieved by activating natural mechanisms and precisely, that makes these treatments so special..

Beauty Hacks to look younger


The new trend is to recover the natural production of collagen (protein responsible for joining muscles, ligaments and fat) and elastin on the skin. It is ideal for delaying signs of aging, and therefore, avoid any surgical procedure.

To achieve its natural regeneration, Morpheus8 works through micro-needling at different depths of the skin, which carry substances that remind it to produce both proteins. As a plus, this treatment eliminates localized fat in hard-to-reach areas.

*Among the stars of hollywood that have proven the benefits are the kardashians and Eva Longoria.*


This treatment achieves collagen stimulation, but reaching much deeper layers than Morpheus8. The most interesting thing is that it can be used in the neck to thicken and tighten the skin and thus harmonize it with the face.

*Jennifer Aniston is one of the stars hollywood who has seen and boasted the benefits of this procedure.*

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The destruction of the ozone layer, age, pollution, bad habits, pregnancy and heredity, favor the appearance of spots, acne or rosacea on the face.

To remove them, the beauty hack to look younger that offers the best results is PhotoAge. The first mask of low power laser light (LLLT), customizable, which activates skin stem cells and allows an increase in tissue repair and regeneration. The LLLT laser light of the FotoAge mask activates photosensitive products that act on the skin, rejuvenating and treating problems such as acne, rosacea skin and spots such as cloth (melasma).

This treatment would have been ideal for celebrities who have confessed to fighting against this type of problem, such as Emma Stone, Millie Bobby Brown, Zendaya, Selena Gomez or Camila Cabello, among others.

We must reinvent ourselves, heal and beautify ourselves, but always favoring the natural mechanisms of our skin.

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