Bella Poarch steals all eyes with a spectacular black dress to the rhythm of a Mexican song

Bella Poarch stole all the looks of his Latin American fans, because recently posted a video in which he can be seen dancing to the rhythm of a Mexican piece, a northern ballad that thousands have sung on their nights of pain and heartbreak.

The tiktoker It has distinguished itself for being one of the most popular on social networks. There is no video, photo, reel or TikTok of their official profiles or collaborations with other content creators that is not more than 100 thousand reproductions or “Like” reactions, easily exceeding a million, and even more.

In fact, she is neither more nor less than the creator of the TikTok with the most views in the history of the social network with 751 million views, precisely the one that made it known to the world in 2020. All she does is a choreography of gestures with the face to the rhythm of “M to the B” by Millie B.

Credit: Instagram / Bella Poarch

There isn’t much science behind it, but so far, It has not been possible to explain how something so simple could have attracted attention of the entire community, to the point of turning the creator into a complete star, who has come to walk on the best catwalks in the world of fashion, and even became, quite successfully, a singer.

Well, one of her many viral successes recently involved Mexico, where many of the millions of fans who follow her on social networks are from. The trend was very simpleand it was simply recorded dancing to the song “baby gimme” of Fuerza Regia with the Frontera Group.

The Filipina was immediately embraced by all Latin Americans with comments of much love: “Bella Poarch mexicana”; “You are invited to roast meat”; “I love you”; “My Latin people”, “Whatever you ask for I will give you”; “100% Mexican”; “Bella, sister, you are already Mexican.”

Credit: Instagram / Bella Poarch

Only on instagram did it exceed the Half a million “Like” reactionswhile on TikTok, the video was reproduced 2.9 million times until the audio was removed due to problems with the copyright of the label, which does not allow it to be used officially by anyone other than the Frontier Group,

At the moment, Bella Poarch has 92.8 million followers on the TikTok social networkwhere she is undoubtedly one of the most profitable influencers for any brand, although it is not easy to collaborate with her, since she has very few videos advertising organically or completely openly.

This is their biggest source of income and content creation, although other social networks, but with much less bulky results. For example, on Instagram he has barely 13 million followersthat although it is a large number, there are television, music and sports stars that far exceed it.

Credit: Instagram / Bella Poarch

Bella’s story is one of the many successful ones on social networks, before being a content creator she belonged to the United States Navywhere he worked in the veterinary area, and now he goes around the world reconnecting awards for his audiovisual and musical creations, without stopping to attract new followers.


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