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Ben Affleck on Sad Affleck meme: “It was hard”

We have already told you about the long profile that the Los Angeles Times dedicated to Ben Affleck on the occasion of the release of The Tender Bar (READ THE REVIEW), the film by George Clooney where he plays the protagonist.

In the same article. the star was also able to talk about a well-known issue that saw him involuntarily protagonist: the birth of the Sad Affleck meme after an interview with Yahoo made in 2016 at the junket of Batman v Superman after a reporter asked him and Henry Cavill for an opinion on how critics were taking on Zack Snyder’s blockbuster. Below you will find a YouTube player with the extract in question and the involuntary expression of Ben Affleck which then went viral.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Ben Affleck explains that dealing with the Sad Affleck meme was not that easy due to issues related to his children:

I got to a point where public perception was so different from who I really am that I stopped reading and cheating on it. But then, as my kids grew up and started using the internet on their own, the hard part came. The Sad Affleck meme thing was fun for me as well. I mean, who hasn’t felt this way during a junket? But then my kids would see it and that’s where I thought “Are they going to start thinking that their dad is very sad and that they have to worry about me?”. It was tough.

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