Bethania, the MVP in the United States

During her lofty and long career, Bethania de la Cruz has been an anchor of eight champion titles achieved by the teams he has reinforced in three of the five continents.

The most recent trophy was won at the individual level last Saturday, when she was selected Most Valuable Player of the United States Professional League “Athletes Unlimited”.

It has a new format, it is not based on the competition for the top place of the four teams that make it up, but on a list of players that fight to reach the highest scores.

The star dancer, who has not yet returned to the country, He has three crowns in his showcase obtained as reinforcement in the competitive Russian League, two in Korea, the same amount in Turkey, considered in the last five years as the best in the world, and one in Puerto Rico.

But this one that he has just achieved in his second season with the “Team De la Cruz” has a special flavor because his little Fer Isaías, who turned twelve on the eleventh of this month, and her husband Fermín were waiting expectantly in the stands. Mejia.

“In the United States League, the teams do not win, that is, at the end of it, the ones who win are the first four players and I was in first place”explained the stellar member of “Las Reinas del Caribe”.

“Coming to play in this league and being able to do it with my family and close to home is something I really won’t forget,” said Bethania, 34, upon receiving the MVP award at the tournament.

It was special that my son was with me and he learned a lot about the game, it is very exciting and it motivated me to play better”, emphasized “Betty”, whose voice broke and she shed tears of emotion.

Bethania, who finished runner-up in the first version of the event in 2021 behind Jordan Larson, served as team captain through all five periods of action and won the title by a wide margin by amassing 4,652 points.

She was followed by setter Natalia Valentin-Anderson (3,337), Dani Drews (3,308), Cassidy Lichtman (3,279) and Nootsara Tomkom (3,207).

The veteran player, who has also been key in the most important victories achieved by the senior national team, led the league in shots withon 233 and in service winners with 18 aces.

The corner hitter broke numerous records set in the first season.

Those records include most points accumulated in a game (477), kills in a game (27), aces in a game (4), aces in the season (18), kills for the season (233), total points (4,652) and single-season MVP honors (13).

Leave footprints in the tournament


Due to her status as captain, she played with the “Team De la Cruz”. All four are named after those with that rank.

Due to the excellent performance he had and the comfortable calendar, it is given as a fact that he will return next year.

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