Big Announcements From Cardano. The Future Of Blockchain At Cardano Summit 2021


Traders from around the world are eagerly awaiting Cardano Summit 2021. This event was organized by Cardano in six hubs in Africa, Europe and the United States. In these meetings, the major exponents of the blockchain and investors in cryptocurrencies will meet. Other important figures in the field will also intervene via streaming.

The aim of the event is to present the most advanced technologies, such as those used by Google, to make the blockchain more democratic. Cardano boasts a collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Ethiopia to create digital IDs via blockchain to avoid false university and job applications. Alonso, Cardano update ended last week and has already processed 100 smart contracts in the last 24 hours.

Prominent personalities at the Cardano Summit

The dates of the Cardano summit are 25 and 26 September, with the participation of figures such as politicians, technology and business pioneers. Here, announcements will be made that could be important to the crypto and blockchain world. One of the prominent figures attending the Summit is Misan Harriman, President of the Southbank Center. His talk will focus on NFTs and the future of art.

Other guests will deal with other topics, such as sustainability, regulation, using the blockchain to help less well-off people. IOHK will bring together in this meeting the world’s leading scientists and academics experts in blockchain.

This event sees the obvious presence of Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, in which he will talk about the huge growth of Cardano, of the functionalities of smart contracts. Furthermore. The involvement of the scientific and academic world is to create a new generation ecological and more secure blockchain network.


Cardan In The Retracement Phase. When it will end?

Cardano starts its rally from a price of $ 0.08, which initially culminates at $ 2.47. Correction ending at $ 0.99, reaches its all-time high at $ 3.0977. The price correction seemed legitimate given a high volatility and RSI in the overbought area. Three red candles formed, also called “Three Black Crow”.

The previous correction movement of the primary trend corrected to Fibonacci 61.8. We are almost approaching 61.8 of the second correction wave at $ 1.7723. So a correction similar to the previous one is expected. The holding of the support at 1.7723 can push Cardano’s price beyond the highs of the end of August. The price could come in the range of $ 3.59 to $ 3.90.

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