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In a city bar, Katie, a young woman with an energetic temperament, Croise Benny, who has joined a gang of motorcycle vandals, and tombe aussitôt sous soncharme. À l’image du pas tout entier, le Gang, Dirigé par l’énigmatique Johnny, évolue Peu à Peu… Alors que les motards Accueillaient Tous ceux qui avaient du Mal à Trouver leur Place dans la Société, les Vandals deviennent une Bande de Voious without Vergon. Benny chose Katie and her loyal friends in this gang.

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Huit annees separent Midnight Special de The Bikeriders, the new film from Jeff Nichols, spent a long time watching huge international festivals. This new “Captured American Story” is a promotion in Europe to open our screens only in anticipation of the time, as a promise for a few hours and alone. This is the impetus to the trepuscula that we collected Nichols, to a generation of reference men who create structures of associative connections between men, as a continuation of the kiss of reconstruction after the Second World War. Referential, ambitious and expansive, the film seduces the offer of cinema among these characters, embodying a certain idea of ​​the love of America, in the Côte de la Societte conservatrice of the years 1950-60.

La première bonne idée de l’Auteur est d’avoir choisi Jodie Comer, as a narrative of the son of history. This is our representation in this community, etc. They believe that it is a foreigner to understand the codes inherent in the Australian farming society in which these motar bagarreurs are found.. Par son entremise, at the opening of Wednesday or women who are not trophies, au mieux, des proies dans los pires des cas, fait Souligné par quelques scènes extrêmement angoissantes où Comer, ayant perdu de vue son compagnon, se voit become la cible plusieurs men assoiffés de luxury. This element of virility, voire même phallocrate, est is omnipresent in the film: if you find it on the borders of the capitalist American system, at rest in the normative assumption that the world is accomplished among people and rules, par eux et leur seul plaisir.

This first description, revealing the main characters, is a repeat site. Elle égratigne le romanticisme lié tranellement à ce milieu, tel qu’on a pu le voir dépeint depuis Marlon Brando et L’Equipée Sauvage (1953), or with Coppola Rusty James (1985). Crasso, men are sublime, misogynistic and cruel, these motorized fantasies are not heroes, on certain levels they are pathetic swindlers. Jodie Comer’s character, her chef, portrayed by Tom Hardy, has a family life and a real past. Benny, the gorgeous Austin Butler also impresses in blonde éthéré qu’en brun tenerebreux dans. Elvis, is the emblem of this generation. This is Neal Cassidy of the Beat Generation, le phare qui that illuminates everyone else, celui que l’onsuit, l’ame du mouvement. It is interesting to note that it is a “disparity” of language that changes by loving the other face of the story.

This is a good question about the generation of changes in it. Cyclists, voire d’une évolution du paradigme ciivilnel des Etats-Unis d’Amérique. The Vietnam War, the return of veterans and the debut of a systemic economic crisis, the reason for the naive ideas of these groups of people, the absence of madness not related to the devastating conflicts, occupied at the time when they were érialiste, notamment in Extreme Orient. Cynicism gives way to romance, and if cela se fait sans Benny, then hours of new images will be charismatic, plus interchangeable, et beaucoup plus cruel. If brutality exists in social relations, it is limited to plus à des Bagarres de Cours d’Ecole, tenant plus initiative rite. Desormais on se trouve dans le Register de la grande delinquance, et le crime organized in a place of male camaraderie.

If you can blame a film for its sharp pacing and linear construction, it will make everything look bad great consistency in the proposals and very good analysis of these generational evolutions. The transition is written in data Cyclists With the arrival of the Reagan anniversary, this period of ultra-liberal cynicism has destroyed the entire American society, leaping into poverty and crime to sacrifice social class at the mercy of the king’s march. The debut film is a place for alter egos, plus youth, most of all Australians, plus danger, or the most important matter of passion and friendship that actual factions create, plus the great gangsterism that is in origin social clubs. .

Jeff Nichols offers two great performances in Austin Butler and Tom Hardy, who represent another facet of the meme phenomenon, the dual role of the American who goes mute to become an uncontrollable and terrifying monster.

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June 19, 2024 – Jeff Nichols, with Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, Tom Hardy

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