Billie Eilish confides in her illness, Gilles de la Tourette syndrome

Invited in the David Letterman show broadcast on Netflix, Billie Eilish returned to her life which is not always easy. In fact, the singer may have a flamboyant career, with several Grammy Awards and an Oscar to her credit, she lives daily with a disease: Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. This neurological disease affects one in 200 people and is mainly characterized by involuntary, sudden and brief tics. Either a real ordeal for those affected.

In this interview, Billie Eilish indulged in a few rare secrets about her state of health and the way she tries to live on a daily basis. She thus reveals that she cannot hide her tics. “It’s weird, I don’t talk about it at all. More often than not, people laugh thinking I’m trying to be funny. This reaction always offends me a lot and often they look around pretending not to understand, and that’s when I tell them ‘I have Tourette'”she says.

She then continues by lifting the veil on some of her behaviors. “My main tics, which I do all day, are things you’ll never notice if you’re having a conversation with me. But, for me, it’s really exhausting. For example, I wiggle my ear back and forth. back, I raise my eyebrow, snap my jaw, or tense my arm muscles.” Billie Eilish reveals that she is trying to turn these tics into new friends. In her own way, the singer tries to free speech in the face of illness. She concluded by explaining that she was very happy to be able to talk about it but to understand those who prefer to remain silent.

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