Bitcoin and Ethereum fall due to conflict between Ukraine and Russia

The outbreak of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine is having an effect on the bitcoin pricen, which has lost an average of 7.26 percent. Currently, it is placed below 35 thousand dollars, while ethereum had a 9.48 percent loss in value.

The effects of the conflict also generate falls in stock markets. In the early hours of Thursday, Russian missiles began hitting various parts of Ukraine, including the capital of Kiev, ending hopes of a peaceful solution to the tensions of recent weeks.


Bitcoin in US dollars: 34 thousand 877.40
Bitcoin in Mexican pesos: 708 thousand 406.60
Bitcoin in Colombian pesos: 136 million 469,685.80
Bitcoin in Argentine pesos: 3 million 741,957.88
Bitcoin in Chilean pesos: 27 million 594,301.33
Bitcoin in euros: 31 thousand 019.96

Bitcoin and Ethereum prices fall due to Ukraine - Russia conflict.

Bitcoin and Ethereum prices fall due to Ukraine – Russia conflict. / Special

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In general, the cryptocurrency market in the world has registered a drop of 8.25 percent, as a direct result of the conflict.

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