Bitcoin, watch out for the new $ 58,000 phishing email


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Bitcoin phishing attempts are now commonplace as users receive dozens of them a week. Most of the time, the messages end up directly in spam, but some manage to pass the automatic filter.

To prevent users from falling into the trap, we have decided to report the most common scam attempts so as to make them easily recognizable. Their structure is almost always the same, in fact there is always a fake credit in Bitcoin or money wins for no reason.

A reader of ours reported a new phishing email that he received on his email account. The scam attempt is already recognizable from the subject of the message: “Congratulations!!!!! We have credited $ 50,382.48 to your account“.

A new Bitcoin phishing email putting users’ savings at risk

However, as you continue reading, things get more interesting. The body of the email consists of the following text:


Your account has just received some Bitcoins.

Dear user,
thank you for your interest in our investment program
We need to verify your information
Click here to start the confirmation process
Balance: $ 50,382.48
Deadline: 48 hours “

The message is structured to create urgency in the reader. Indeed, the over 58 thousand dollars in Bitcoin will be available for just 48 hours before finally disappearing. This prompts the less careful user to fall into the phishing trap and thus provide their sensitive data.

However, this is just another scam concocted to steal real money from users. Our advice is to trash the email immediately and don’t believe strange platforms that give away millions for no reason.


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