Black Adam: Is Henry Cavill Returning as Superman? The Rock seems to have confirmed it

ANDThe duel was over. The only survivors of what once seemed like an excellent Justice League project were Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Y Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Ezra Miller ruined his reputation to remain FlashRay Fisher was fired for denouncing Warner executives, Ben Affleck ceded the cape to Robert Pattinson Y henry cavill He just wasn’t called back for Superman…or was he?

Superman could appear in the ‘Black Adam’ movie

In an unsubtle video of TikTokDwayne Johnson, ‘The Rock’, the perfect actor to play Black Adam (and if not the perfect one, if one of the best choices in the world of superheroes) said he had seen the movie once again and sounded very excited about it. It was there where, with a gesture of emotion, he mentioned:

There’s the third act. The [Black Adam] it is the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet. On THIS planet.

Dwayne Johnson.

Of course when we talk about DC aliens, the first thing we think of is the last son of kryptonand it would be just cruel to throw that bone at the fans, and in that way, although Johnson is referring to any other being alien to this planet. In Facebook forums there has been a lot of talk about Johnson referring to Martian Manhunter, even to some Green Lantern, just because Cavill’s separation from the role seemed final, but was it?

Could Henry Cavill Play Superman Again?

The fact that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield being Spider-Man again was almost a complete secret during the entire production of a movie. Even the leaked images did not convince us. But that was a movie that everyone expected something from. The truth, who expects something from Black Adam? Or rather, who expected it?

The Twitter account @MyTimeToShineHellowho claims to belong to an insider, assures that in the film he will be seen again Henry Cavill as Superman, and will appear to face the character… which would be somewhat inefficient because One of Superman’s weaknesses is magic.but that doesn’t matter to us if it means Cavill’s return.

In fact, it seems that with the approach of DC and Warner’s “blank slate” within this renewal of the projects would be the idea of ​​a new Superman movie that would be a continuation of Man of Steel. Great news for Cavill fans, but very bad news for those waiting for Cavill’s reboot. Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Black Adam will be released in theaters worldwide on October 21, Are you excited to go see her now?

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