Black Friday is coming, worth 1.7 billion purchases

However, the opinions are not unanimous as to the sales trend in the week and weekend of super discounts: if the Compass observatory talks about the Black Friday of the restart, according to a survey commissioned by Google to Ipsos Canada, instead, 40% of Italians interviewed said they wanted to spend less due to the effects of Covid-19 on their finances.

One in three Italians ready to go shopping on Black Friday

From the survey conducted by SWG for Confesercenti on a double sample of consumers and business entrepreneurs this year, it emerges that one in three Italians is ready to seize the opportunity of the day of super promotions, for an average expenditure of 144 euros each and over. 1.7 billion in total. Purchases will take place not only online, but about 100 thousand “real” shops will adhere to Black Friday with average discounts starting from 30%. However, the latter will have more visibility problems and only 18% of people will go shopping in the store against 46% who will instead opt for the web.

The pre-promotions

The pre-promotions have in fact been successful in directing consumers towards e-commerce, making the shops less visible. And for the latter it is therefore a difficult return to the game, after in 2020 the so-called proximity shops had been effectively excluded from the promotional day due to the restrictions imposed for the containment of Covid. According to Confesercenti, moreover, to the expected turnover of 1.7 billion, another 500 million of expenditure already made by 17% of Italians who have purchased on the occasion of the “pre-promotions” promotional campaigns, conducted by the large e-commerce platforms must be added. and by the large multi-channel retail chains since October.

In the lead the technological purchases 45% of those who buy during Black Friday, the survey still finds, will mainly look for technological products, 44%, will instead prefer fashion, with a huge leap compared to the pre-pandemic period, when those interested in buying products of fashion were 26%. Household appliances are also growing (29%, compared to 25% last year), while trips drop from 10% to 8%. On the other hand, furniture and household products remained stable (15%).

The Compass Observatory is even more optimistic. After a year on the sly due to pandemic restrictions, he says, consumers and merchants are preparing for this shopping opportunity with a renewed spirit. As many as 74% of Italians, he argues, are in fact willing to make at least one purchase. A much higher figure than in 2020 (+ 9%), with also an increased budget up to an average share of 360 euros: in detail, 15% will spend up to 150 euros, 22% between 150 and 250 euros, 30% between 250 euros and 500 euros, 4% between 500 and 750 euros. While few Italians will spend over 750 euros (9%), with 21% who have not yet decided how much to spend.

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