Blake Lively’s New Grunge Blonde Is the Prettiest and Easiest to Maintain

Indeed, yes all the trends of the 90s are back to our lives, the ‘grunge’ will also have its return and, apparently, it will be in the form of the most beautiful and comfortable blondelike the one he wears Blake Lively as we have seen her walking around Tribeca with Ryan Reynolds. they have returnedThe transparent dresses, the ‘chokers’hair clips, cycling shorts, the bucket hats and even himos cargo pants. Maybe the ‘grunge’ died in 1994, but we will always carry it in our hearts and in our style.


Blake Lively shows that blonde can be groundbreaking, on trend and, at the same time, low maintenance. How? With the blonde ‘grunge’ which leaves the root of a darker blonde (you can use your natural base if you’re blonde or have light brown hair) and blend a few inches lower with your usual shade of blonde. It can be a butter blonde like that of the Californian actress or even a Nordic color with ash hues.


The most desired blonde of 2022 it will be this Neither you, nor I, nor any of us had ever seen such a pretty blonde and so easy to maintain.

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