Blas Canto rebels with the premiere of his new album ‘El Principe’

“When I was a child, my mother called me ‘my prince.’ This is how Blas Canto introduces his new project, Prince, The album thus becomes the second of his solo discography and the quintessence of the genre that is pop, though he reaches out to other new sounds as well.

Together Prince, Blas Canto wanted to hit the table and show himself as he really is, “There are many sorts of princes,” explained the Mercian. The singer said, “The folks they count on and the folks they insurgent towards. I’ve been each. Now I’m the opposite.” “I believe we are likely to idealize the folks we care about, as in the event that they have been taken from a fairytale. That’s the place the frustration begins. And I’m sorry to disappoint you if I’m not the one who You needed. But I already warned it was sophisticated. Blue or a thousand colours”Blas Canto said.

“The extra silly they name me, the higher I develop into. And that is what occurs.”, Is over. It is clear that, with this work, Blas Canto has rebelled, he has decided to become what he has always wanted and who likes it well, and not who does not.

in the repertoire of Prince There are all kinds of subjects. from the songs we already knew good ends bad, in the fire And Mars planet, For novelties that promise to be a hit. different animal Produced by Dani Ruiz, it is a pop song with a very catchy chorus. Speed A pulsating, pulsating halftime perfect to enjoy a quiet yet catchy song.

Blas Canto knows that the regional Mexican style has become very popular in recent months. That is why he has decided to delve into these sounds and interpret them in his own way Prince, the song that gives the album its name and produced by Mexican 3KMKZ. it also highlights TreatmentA ballad that deals with a breakup, it is thus presented as one of the most heartbreaking songs on the album.

In this work, Blas Canto has retained his essence and his recognizable and brilliant voice. It appears in topics like Asheswhere the programmed drums and synthesizers included in the production by Englishman Oliver Som also stand out. As for the collaboration, the occasion included the participation of a Venezuelan artist from Murcia called in Carmen de Leon obvious things,

Blas Canto remembers his childhood Prince

As we explained, the title of Blas Canto’s new album is related to his childhood and what his mother told him when he was a child. Andin song different animalThe singer also wants to remember his early years And she’s relied on her nephews and boy best friends to act in video clips and represent Blas Canto kind of alongside her cousins.

In this video, we can see Blass in front of an old television, with a nostalgic expression, as he relives his childhood through a recording of himself from twenty years ago, which was played by his friends and singer, his nephew. Interspersed with images of Running on the same roads.

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