Bloodshot, the futuristic action movie starring Vin Diesel has arrived on Netflix


Bloodshot it had all the ingredients of a Vin Diesel movie to be a guaranteed success: an inordinate amount of action scenes and explosions with the addition of a plot full of twists. But, it hit US theaters on March 12, 2020, and you all remember what happened next, right? With the explosion (pun intended) of covid and the closure of theaters, what was to be the beginning of a new franchise grossed $ 33.5 million worldwide against a budget of forty-five. Fate, however, happened to other titles, but Bloodshot he was also among the first to choose the path of viewing on demand, and this changed the cards on the table. The film is now also available from us on Netflix, so, what and who it is Bloodshot?

The origins

As often happens now, Bloodshot was born as a Valiant Comics comic created in 1992 by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton. The protagonist has basically had two different incarnations, or rather, the first has then undergone both a reboot and a retcon, or when the authors create a different origin of the character a posteriori starting from the original one. In short, he was originally a mafia hitman called Angelo Mortalli, arrogant and able to betray his own boss, who retaliated by not killing him but having him kidnapped and then delivering him to the scientist Hideyoshi Iwatsu, who with his Project Rising Spirit he injected him with the classic nanonobots, here called nanites, which left a red circle on his chest, hence the name Bloodshoot. With no memory but endowed with considerable powers, the man ran away from the laboratory to discover his true identity and, of course, take revenge. Here comes the reboot of 1997, which brings us closer to the film: Raymond Garrison is a secret operative agent of the Domestic Operation Authority, who had gone undercover in the mafia with the name of … Angelo Mortalli, of course. He is discovered and killed, but the DOA (exactly the acronym for Dead on Arrival) subjects his body to the Lazarus project, transforming him into a superhuman angel of death but, again, with small amnesia problems that will bring him in conflict with both the DOA and the mafia. In various incarnations the comic has come down to the present day.

The film

After successfully leading a rescue operation in Mombasa, Private Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) and his wife Gina (Talulah Riley, Westworld) take a vacation in Amalfi (remember, it’s an important point in history), but are kidnapped by a group of mercenaries led by Martin Ax (Toby Kebbel, Servant on Apple TV +), who wants to know how the US military discovered the base in Mombasa. When Ray replies that he doesn’t know, they kill his wife in front of his eyes and then kill him too. But dying is only the beginning: Ray awakens in the laboratory of Rising Spirit Technologies in Kuala Lampur, led by Dr. Emil Harting (Guy Pearce, Prometheus), which specializes in cyber upgrades for members of the military who have suffered disabilities in service. History repeats itself, in a sense: Garrison was resurrected with an injection of nanites that replaced his entire bloodstream. Man now not only has high-level powers, but is able to connect to the entire world network. And he is looking for Ax to take revenge. Reason why he leaves the laboratory and goes to carry out his revenge. But is everything as it seems? Shortly thereafter he relives the same scene in Amalfi, but with a different villain and when he awakens in the same workshop he has no previous memory apart from Mombasa and Amalfi, and the desire to take revenge on the other man who killed him and his wife. At some point Garrison will discover that the truth is much more complicated and will do anything to get the real revenge he deserves.



Dan Mints, CEO and founder of DMG Entertainment, one of the production houses told a Comicbookresources that the film went very well given the situation in which it came out, to which was added the excellent result achieved with the on-demand release, which is why they have already given the green light for the sequel that will see the return of all the surviving characters (not many). The original chapter featured co-writer Eric Heisserer arriving from Arrival (2016) along with Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2, 2013) while the director was the semi-debutant David SF Wilson, author of the first episode of the first season of Love, Death + Robots titled Sonnie’s Journey (Sonnie’s Edge), so it remains to be seen if the creative team will also return.

Bloodshot which also features Eiza González (Godzilla vs Kong, 2021) and Sam Heughan (The series Outlander) is already available from us on Netflix, we leave you with the trailer in Italian and in the original language and also in this case wait, there is a scene at the bottom of the credits.


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