Blue Ivy, daughter of Beyoncé, at 10, she is Rihanna’s lookalike and shocks the Web

While Beyoncé and Jay-Z are doing everything to protect their children, a photo of Blue Ivy has leaked in recent days. And the girl’s resemblance to Rihanna, now 10 years old, would have completely shocked the Web. While Blue Ivy was attending singer Olivia Rodrigo’s concert, a paparazzi shared a never-before-seen snapshot of the girl on the web. In this stolen photo, we discover Blue Ivy, surrounded by her girlfriends, with an ultra worked look: total black look, baggy pants, black sweatshirt, rectangular sunglasses, glued XXL braids.

Very quickly, on Twitter, Internet users saw a striking resemblance: they found that Blue Ivy was the lookalike of singer Rihanna. According to them, the resemblance is striking. On Twitter, we can read: “I literally thought it was Rihanna” or “I can’t believe it, it’s not Blue Ivy” or “When did Blue Ivy grow up like this? Swear it doesn’t look like a mix of Beyoncé, Rihanna and Solange in this photo? Thin at 10, to be so tall! (…) Guys, I thought it was Rihanna!”

As a reminder, the last photo of Blue Ivy which had been unveiled to the public by Beyoncé dates from 2021. The mother of the family had shared a photo of her daughter on her Instagram account. Of course, at that age, it grows quickly and we bet that in a few months, Blue Ivy will once again be unrecognizable. One thing is certain, at only 10 years old, she already has a sharp sense of fashion. So, what do you think ?

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