“Boric’s joke caught their attention”: the back room of Fabrizio Copano’s show on the beat of James Corden

Just five minutes were enough for the comedian Fabrizio Copano (33) to make history as the first Chilean to appear in The Late Show with James Cordenoone of the most popular programs of its kind on American television, famous for segments such as Carpool Karaoke, in which figures such as Adele, Camila Cabello and even Paul McCartney have passed.

The milestone closes a triumphant week for the former Club de la Comedia, since He was also confirmed as one of the mood numbers of Vina del Mar Festival on his return, and somehow marks greater visibility for his international career. The comedian has been living abroad for seven years; one in Mexico, and six in the United States (4 in Los Angeles and 2 in New York, respectively), where he often performs in venues and clubs scattered throughout Manhattan. That touch achieved at the point of presentations in the market of the northern giant, was the one that opened the possibility of taking him to the star.

Fabrizio Copano, photo by Val Palavecino

The possibility of appearing there, says Copano, has been in the works for a few months. “It happens that last year, a very famous festival here called Just For Laugh, made a casting of comedians between LA, NY and Chicago. From that casting they choose 20 and make a presentation called New faces of comedy in Montreal. They invite the entire industry there,” he details exclusively to Worship.

It was that selection that allowed Copano to show himself to television executives. “I was selected among the 20 and there I presented myself. From there, I was in talks with the Late of Colbert and Corden. But Colbert’s hasn’t had guest comedians like 5 months ago, so we opted not to wait and go for Corden’s. They see you, then they ask you for some changes. I record all my shows and I sent them a tape with the changes. We come to an agreement with the material and then they give me the date”.

Thus, the comedian began to prepare the routine. He says that in total it took him about three months to polish it to its final version.. The issues that were seen later entered there; President Gabriel Boric, the Americans (Americans, in the local jargon), being Latino in the land of Uncle Sam, the Avengers, in addition to mentions of Bill Gates, conspiracy theories and anti-vaxxers. A sustained mix of pop culture and contingency, which in some way is his signature.

“This routine has some new jokes, some old ones (2 years max). Strictly speaking, putting it together was more of a proposal based on what they saw at JFL in Montereal, mixed with notes from the comedy Booker from them and my managers. The most ‘new’ thing was the tail at the end of the anti-vaccine joke, also the shot from American, which was different before,” says the comedian.

At the start, Copano introduced himself and made a mention of the President, Gabriel Boric. “I am from Chile, from South America and I was there a few weeks ago because a friend of mine became the president of the country.. He is not crazy? Can you imagine it? He is the first millennial president, he is 36 years old and I really do not think he is a good idea. He will probably resign in a month because the anxiety is too much. It will be something like: ‘I want to travel first’”. An idea that was thought of from the first minute. “Yeah, that joke caught their attention right away.”details.

Fabrizio Copano in the late James Corden. Photo: CBS

The comedian knows the current president. “I have shared with him on several occasions. In the routine, what I say, as if we were friends from school, is an exaggeration for the purpose of the joke. But yes, I find him a very good person.” He adds that for the same reason, there were positive comments from the presidency based on his routine. “All very good vibes. They have a very good sense of humor. I guess the only way to rule is to have it.”

The routine was recorded on the same day, Thursday the 19th, in the afternoon, that is, before it was broadcast on CBS in prime time.. To do this, Copano flew from New York to Los Angeles, California, to the studios where the program is recorded for the CBS signal. “Everything is very well coordinated. I arrived at 2:45 in the afternoon. They send a driver to look for you, there you have to be ready, with clothes to go to do the sound check. There one rehearses the entrance and they check the levels. Then backstage to wait, there is a bar so I was with my brother and my manager having a little tea, waiting

Shortly before, came the meeting with the entertainer. “Corden stopped by to greet the dressing room. We talked for a while, I told him about all the expectation that there was in Chile, from the Carpool Karaoke that everyone sees and copies. Then about also being from another country and going to the USA to do comedy, in his case he is British”.

Two hours later the whole process began. There the introductory capsule was recorded in which Copano elaborated speaking in Chilean slang, with a relaxed ‘how are you, Jaime?’ Dedicated to the entertainer. “They start recording around 4 in the afternoon. They make you up They go through Corden’s monologue and then they record that capsule where they go to the dressing rooms, there one invents what to say, I thought of that idea of ​​speaking to him as a Chilean

From that point, the comedian waited for his participation towards the end of the program (at about 5:00 p.m.), after interviews with the guests of the day, the actors Anna Kendrick and Michael Urie. “Then they record the interviews and a segment with one of the writers. From there they call you, they put the microphone on you and you go backstage. Before, Corden makes a super cool introduction with the public. And that’s it, I go on stage,” says the comedian. The moment of truth had arrived: Fabriziou Copanou, the driver introduced him.

With jokes to Boric, Americans and Avengers: Fabrizio Copano shone on the James Corden Late Show. Photo: CBS.

Then the routine five minutes passed. “From there I left, the leader of the Corden band arrived, Reggie Watts and one of the producers. We stayed talking and then we went to dinner with my brother, manager and comedian friends from LA. Then the driver takes you home. Did I get to talk to Corden? On stage when they go to the commercial break we stayed talking and he told me that he had loved the Avengers joke. Also, he told me that since the show was ending soon, he hoped he could go back before it’s over.

Regarding the wardrobe for the occasion, the comedian wore a peculiar vest. “I went shopping and I found that vest, in Unfashionable in Soho (in New York). I work with a costume designer in Chile, Bambi, and she helped me put together the final costumes”.

For the comedian, participation in Late is a crucial moment for his career. “It is one step, of several that remain. But it’s one that was on my priority list this year, so getting it out that quickly is a relief. Also an honor, that my work has the support of this type of shows. In addition, I am very happy that the people in Chile can catch what I have been doing in all this time”.

The flavor of the moment has another complement, the recent confirmation for the Viña Festival as one of the six comedy numbers. It is a reunion with the “Monster”, after his successful passage in 2017. A milestone that, he says, marked his career. “Since then, the growth of my live shows has been exponential.. Above all because I think it cleared up many prejudices that weighed on my work: that it was very niche, that it was only for young people, things like that. In addition, on YouTube it has 6 million views, out there, which gives me the signal that there is also another audience that did not grow up watching the Comedy Club and that was my letter of introduction ”.

Fabrizio Copano, photo by Val Palavecino

Copano remembers that since his childhood he was a regular follower of humor at the event and has his favorite routines. “Álvaro Salas, the historic one. Dino Gordillo always made me laugh a lot, and my favorites were the Dynamite Show. I remember those almost completely, ”he says.

The comedian details that the efforts to go to the Festival had been taking place for a long time. “The truth, from a while ago. Even before the previous year’s version was cancelled, there were already approaches. Things began to get more official around March, when some executives saw my show at the Nescafé de las Artes, and the truth is I jumped on the bandwagon very quickly. I was also motivated by the idea of ​​being back at Viña post-pandemic.”

How different is the comedian from that Viña 2017 to the one we will see now in 2023?

I mean, my interests are the same, but I think much less sobering. At that time, there was a great desire to say things, because of the social context and also because of my age. Lots of attitude of certainty. The good thing is that the years are taking those vices away from you, so I think I go with more doubts than certainties and I like that. I find it generally more humorous and less judgmental.

Any memories of that first Viña?

I remember many conversations with (Felipe) Avello. Especially until late hours by phone. Some are in the documentary we made (Monster, now free on YouTube). I remember him fondly, because also at that point it was unthinkable that he would also end up in Viña. Which reminds me how fast things change.

In that Viña 2017 routine you included a lot of contingency issues, somehow there was something critical. Is there any of that at this stage?

Yes, there is a contingency, but much much less and in another way, perhaps from a more personal angle. Now everyone talks about contingency all the time; TV, memes, everything is contingency. It is exhausting. Perhaps I am interested in talking about the most profound changes that have taken place, instead of taking out the daily newspaper and commenting on it.

Immediately, the comedian has a summer tour on the agenda, with a series of shows, such as the one he will offer on February 11, at 9:00 p.m., at the Gran Arena Monticello, whose tickets will go on sale next Tuesday. January 25, at 11:00 a.m., through the Topticket.cl system. He will also have dates in Pucón, Chiloé, Puerto Montt, in Matucana 100 and the well-known Club Comedy.

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