“Brazil’s key player? Personally, I think it’s Rodrigo…”

lmen from Dorival the Younger They will make their debut tonight against Costa Rica V America’s Cup And NeymarWhat A torn cruciate ligament and meniscus in his left leg prevented him from participating in the tournament.is one of the most authoritative voices for analyzing the current situation in Canarinhaone that could join the eleven in Real Madrid trident.

Neymar visited the hotel where the Brazilian national team is based

“Brazil’s key player? For me, I think it’s Rodrigo, because Vini will play everything he knows, but Rodrigo, I think, is completely different.. He is a star and the number 10 shirt will definitely bring him good luck,” explained the international. Al Hilal at a promotional event in Los Angeles. The truth is that both Vinicius and Rodrygo They are presented as two great examples of the five-time world champion.. “It’s an honor and a pleasure, I hope I live up to it. This is a big responsibility and I know that the eyes of the whole world will be on me, so I hope that I will do everything well.“, admitted Rodrigo after confirming that he will wear the 10 during the America’s Cup… with a role that never stops growing in Canariña.

Another Brazilian football talent

In addition, the Brazilian footballer also had good words for Estevan’s move to Chelsea. The young Brazilian has already established himself with Palmeiras, where he scored again in a 3-1 win over Juventude. “This is a great talent that is being revealed in Brazilian football today. I think he will become a genius.”‘, he assured about the latest talents of Brazilian football.

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