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Strong of a new lawyer, the voice at times broken by emotion, Britney Spears has returned to speak before the Superior Court of Los Angeles asking to be freed from the “golden prison” that for 13 years has prevented her from leading an independent life: “I want to sue my father for abuse in the protection”, said the pop star speaking by phone, sometimes interrupted by tears: “I want to denounce him today. I want an investigation into him,” he added. And again addressing Judge Brenda Penny who is investigating the case, Britney said she was often afraid that her guardians were trying to kill her by forcing her to take medication: “If that’s not abuse, I don’t know what else it can be.” It was the second time that Britney spoke directly to the court since she was placed under guardianship in 2008 after two sensational and public episodes of mental breakdown: after the hearing, the singer thanked fans on Instagram by adopting for the first time the hashtag #FreeBritney around which her many fans gathered, some famous as Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. “We are making progress,” he added, accompanying the message with the “middle finger” emoji: “With a new lawyer who truly represents me… today I feel grateful and blessed.” The lawyer is Mathew Rosengart, a former prosecutor who defended the rights of stars such as Sean Penn and Keanu Reeves and who took the place of Samuel Ingham III, the lawyer assigned 13 years ago to Britney by the court that in fact complied more with the wishes of the “father-master” Jamie Spears than those of his client.


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